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5 Prayers to ask for Health There is no prayer more needed today!

Prayers for health

Health is the most important thing for a person.

Undoubtedly that is a phrase that we have heard the elders of our family say on numerous occasions.

We need to be healthy and happy to be able to fulfill any other goal in life, that is real, without health we have nothing.

Without health, there is no love or family, there is no work or money.

Losing it many times means losing also shows life. And unfortunately, many times we dedicate all our effort to find love, money, prosperity, and we forget that the most important thing is health.

Diseases and ailments have now multiplied.

Today, we see the world struggling to overcome a pandemic that has already claimed many lives and broken thousands of families. Many are the daily losses due to illness.

We pray to God and the Saints to intercede with health

For all these reasons, there is no prayer more necessary than that dedicated to the health of our family, friends and of course, ourselves.

Although we know that the well-being of ours and of our own person depends on the care we have of the body and on how we handle situations of stress and pressure, in the face of unforeseen illnesses, prayer and meditation are options that have the strength to help us restore our health.

Prayers for health must be consecrated to our spirit guides, that mediate to fulfill the will of God.

The prayer full of faith and trust in the advice of those deities in which we trust, have as their objective requests to maintain the health of people when they are well and to regain health when they are sick.

Let us pray for the health of all:

We must know that we can pray not only for our health, but for that of any loved one.

  • A son, a baby and in general the little ones in the house
  • A mother or father
  • So that we have good health
  • To defeat diseases
  • To regain lost health

How to pray for a Miracle of Healing?

To raise prayers for our health or that of any other close person, we can pray and talk with our spiritual guides at any time of the day and as many times as we consider necessary.

  • We can do it in front of an altar with the image of the Saint whom we venerate.
  • If you wish, you can choose a quiet and remote place within your own home, where we can communicate with the deities and convey our fears and dilemmas to them.
  • We must always thank them for their support and companionship and their guidance in making the right decisions.
  • Let us remember to light a white candle when praying, to illuminate our requests.

Miraculous prayers for Health and Protection

Next, we propose 5 simple prayers for health, to pray for ourselves and for our loved ones:

1. A prayer to God to ask for the health of our Mother

Through this prayer we implore God to overcome any evil and restore the health of that very important person in our life.

Holy father of all heaven; Today I come before your infinite presence to ask you to intercede for the health of my holy mother

I implore you to please save her and take away the evil that invades her body.

Lord, I ask you to lift up his spirit; instill strength in his body; clear his mind and exalt his heart.

Oh dear God, so don't let him abandon us.

I trust you father, and I know that what you decide will be the best for everyone


2. Prayer to the Virgin Mary for the health of our Son

With this prayer we ask that the health of the children be abundant, that is what every mother and father wants.

Virgin Mary, dear Mother, you who listen to me in my nights of despair, today I want to ask you for help.

My little boy (your son's name) has been attacked by evil and disease has taken hold of him.

That is why I come to you, to ask you to help him overcome all obstacles.

Guide my little one to defeat evil, I will always be grateful to you mother.


3. A prayer to San Pancracio to have good health and recover it

Today we need prayers that help us ask for a lot of health to move forward, know this miraculous prayer to ask for the healing of a sick person.

Beloved San Pancracio; martyr of the catholic faith.

I desperately beg you to restore me to health, that which I have enjoyed all my life.

Take care of me and take away, sir, the shadows of the disease that haunts me.

You with your infinite grace I know that you will listen to me and with your immense help, San Pancracio, I will be able to wade through this wall that is rising for me.


4. Beautiful prayer for a sick person to recover

We pray to restore our health and well-being after being victims of illness.

Heavenly Holy Father; protector and creator of heaven and earth;

Eternal guardian of our fallen and benevolent Lord,

I wish to regain my health so that I can enjoy the infinite grace that is the kingdom of your heaven.

Grant me, beloved father, this supplication that I will be devoted to you to the end.


5. Prayer for health and good fortune

Lord Jesus I believe You are alive and risen

I praise you and adore you. I thank you, Lord, for coming to me like living bread coming down from heaven.

You are the fullness of life. You are the resurrection and the life. You are, Lord, the health of the sick.

Today I want to present my dilemma and my illness, because you are the same yesterday, today and always and you reach me where I am.

I beg you, Jesus. Have compassion for my physical sufferings, my emotional wounds and any illness of my soul.

Have mercy on me, Lord. Bless me and make me find health again.

May my faith grow and open me to the wonders of your love, so that I may also be a witness of your Power and your Compassion

Heal me, Lord. Heal my body. Heal my heart. Heal my soul. Give me life and life in abundance.

Thank you Jesus, for what you are going to do in me and in each one of them.

Thank you for those who are visiting with your mercy.


Some powerful rituals for health and warding off disease:

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