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Oshún powder to purify spaces and improve businesses Prepare it!

Oshún Powder

Work with Oshun allow the day to light up and shine, so at the foot of our mother we must work with positive energy, laugh, be happy, have faith, trust, and a lot of love.

This work is very simple but very effective, a powder is prepared at the foot of Oshún so that your home and your business enter prosperity.

Oshún goddess of love, of money, of the brilliant, of the elegant, it attracts all the beauty and the progress that we need in our life.

Prepare Oshún powder to strip and clean spaces:

As part of the ingredients is star anise, which has the virtue of opening the roads, protects places from bad energies, is a powerful purifier of our body and attracts luck.

In addition, his owner is Oshún, as well as the pumpkin, which is his favorite piggy bank, where he keeps all his money.

Ingredients you need:

  • 5 flowers of the red marigold plant (Mirabilis Jalapa)
  • 5 pumpkin seeds
  • 5 star anise
  • Cascarilla
  • Yellow precipitate (ritual powder that accelerates spiritual purpose in the work)
  • Strainer
  • Paper
  • 2 yellow candles

How to do the ritual to Oshún to help us?

This ritual requires dedication, you must schedule the days and do the entire procedure continuously, put a lot of faith and love into it.

  1. First, you must put the red flowers to dry wonderfully.
  2. Then you will put the 5 pumpkin seeds on top of Ochún's tureen, always remember to ask him and ask for his permission.
  3. You will leave those pumpkin seeds for 5 days on top of your tureen.
  4. On the fifth day, toast the 5 star anise and let them cool.
  5. You take the 5 pumpkin seeds and combine them with the star anise, the cascarilla, the yellow precipitate and the 5 red marigold flowers that should already be dry.
  6. Now everything is mixed, to reduce everything to powder you must pass it through a strainer.
  7. That fine powder that you obtained you will throw on a paper and then you will deposit it on top of the Oshún tureen.
  8. It will light the 2 candles and leave that dust for 5 days, during that time it will light the candles for a while each day. 

What to do next with the work?

After 5 days, your powder is ready to blow on the door of your home or business, or in the space you want to clean and purify.

  • always remember that during those 5 days you should talk to Oshún and treat her sweetly when placing your orders.

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As this work is at the foot of Oshún, he must have received the deity to be able to do it, although I always say that with faith in this life everything is achieved.

That this mighty Oshún powder Help you purify, cleanse, and bring luck to the spaces in your life that you want to bless. Ashé for you.

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