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What are Precipitated Powders? Its Meaning and use according to color

Precipitated powder

The precipitates are powders used in the religious and esoteric field, they can be of different colors such as white, blue, yellow, red and green and each color is linked to specific rituals.

These are sprinkled on candles, oils, mixtures, amulets and guards that are used in different religious rituals.

These powders are in themselves effective and very powerful, enhancers widely used in rituals of Santeria.

Using only a minimal amount of the precipitate powders, these
They will enhance and expedite the results of the rituals whenever they are indicated by the person who advises you to carry out the spiritual work.

You can generally find them in esoteric stores, of religious articles or elements of Santeria.

Meaning of precipitated powders according to their color What are they for?

Precipitated powder, what is it for?

Precipitate White for Peace

White precipitates are often used in all kinds of white magic rituals to enhance peace, harmony, tranquility, also in cleansing and for healing.

Precipitate Blue, in rituals of the soul

The blue precipitates are used in rituals of the soul, connected to our spirituality, it brings depth to relationships, but it can also alienate and cool couples' unions.

The Yellow Precipitate What is it for? Used for abundance

The yellow precipitates are used in rituals that are related to success, joy, development, bonanza and in general so that everything flows with evolution and shines like the sun.

Red Precipitate for Love

Red precipitates strengthen fire-related rituals and charms of love, passion, might, and vitality.

Green Precipitate for the fortress

The green precipitates like hope, enhance the rituals that are related to independence, growth, prosperity and fertility.

The precipitate and its relationship with the Orishas:

In the Afro-Cuban religion these powerful powders are also often used to streamline rituals that are associated with a specific Orisha, and in this case the colors that identify them are used, for example, the precipitated powder:

  • Azul is related to the goddess of the sea Yemayá
  • Yellow as Oshún honey is related to this goddess
  • Red with Shango the god of lightning and Eleguá he opens paths
  • White with the wise father Obatalá
  • Green with the warrior of Mount Oggún

And so, each deity with the colors that represent them.

Important: To take into account when using precipitated powder:

When handling these precipitated powders we must be very careful; contact of these powders with the eyes, mouth and nasal mucous membranes should be avoided.

Always use them in places where there is ventilation, in addition to keeping this dust away from children or pets.

Nor do I recommend using them in bathrooms without knowing what they are made of, as they could be toxic and cause skin lesions.

We must always be very careful with the elements and ingredients that we use in rituals.

Some powerful Rituals that are performed with precipitated powders:

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