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10 Spiritual Reasons to light a candle and give clarity to your path

why light a candle

Candles represent spiritual light, when you light a candle you will realize that it gives you peace and stability in your body, both physically and spiritually.

Many do not know the true value, meaning and benefits of turning on this powerful spiritual element that is often the protagonist in religious rituals and ceremonies.

There are many candles with different shapes, colors, made with certain elements and also handmade to achieve specific purposes, the world of candles has many very powerful spiritual meanings.

Tips to keep in mind when lighting candles

The first! It is not about lighting it without activating our intention and purpose of heart, candles are lit for much more than giving light.

That is why it is important to keep in mind that you must have faith, open your heart, and have confidence in what you are asking for.

The place where you do it is also important, that is, tranquility and peace should prevail at that time.

Taking this into account, it is not lighting the candle and that's it, it is being in a meditative state, visualizing what you want and I am sure that you will solve your problems, desires and concerns.

And it is that many times to change negative vibes into positive energies, and to solve unfavorable situations, not many things are needed, the only thing that is essential is faith.

We are able to perform miracles with the light of a candle and sometimes we do not see it simply because we do not have faith in that light that illuminates our spiritual vault, our ancestors, Oshas and Orishas, ​​our Saints and Virgins, God.

We do not stop to think that this simple offer together with a prayer, for example, can solve our problem, or that which anguishes and afflicts us. As well as giving us the opportunity to thank the blessings received.

But if you don't have it, don't worry, rely on your Faith and your positive energy to achieve what you want.

Why light a candle? 10 reasons to do it

For any cause or spiritual purpose you can light a candle, but here are a few reasons to know how much this sacred element can help us:

  1. Give light to the spirits so that they find their spiritual peace and walk towards their evolution.
  2. Achieve something desired whether in love, in employment, in business, in family, with friends, that is, everything we want to achieve and improve in our lives.
  3. Get rid of all the negative vibes that are in our home, business or wherever we find ourselves lost or surrounded by bad energies.
  4. Eliminate from within everything that is not good or fair and thus further elevate our spirituality.
  5. Get rid of enemies and envy, of the evils and traps that sometimes persecute us.
  6. Purify all kinds of spells or witchcraft that a place or a person has received.
  7. Change our luck and be able to have peace, tranquility and be prosperous in the ways of life.
  8. Promote health and ward off diseases, as it relaxes the nervous system and even physical pain.
  9. Before facing difficult situations it is advisable to light a candle, for example, when a person must undergo a medical operation or a trial.
  10. When our paths are truncated and we want them to open, removing all kinds of adversity.

It is also true that candles are used for both good and bad purposes, it is up to us to use their light to achieve goals that provide us with well-being and balance.

Just remember to always carry the suitcase of Faith with you and you will see a thousand blessings on your path.

Ashé and good health to you.

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