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Why today Mother's Day do I celebrate my beloved Oshún?

Mother Oshún thanking you

Today I thank all the wonderful mothers in the universe.

«Mother» beautiful concept of life and spirit.

Today I want to congratulate my mother of life and stone (my godmother), those divine mothers of our Yoruba religion, all mothers, those who cry, who dream, who exist, creators; mother who flies, who waits, who makes an effort, mother of the Universe.

And to you divine Oshún and Yemayá, of whom I was born and to whom I owe myself, Thank you for being by my side!

Oshún: you are my mother, a beautiful gift in my life.  

You have never left me alone even without knowing you you never did. You changed my life giving me stability, health, love, joys and tears to know the faith.

It has been a long time and I know that I have made mistakes by not listening to you and you are still there, I have asked you with pain and tears and you have shown me that It is not when I want, but when you decide, that's how you are, my mother.

Thank you for teaching me to say: «I am as Oshún wants, not as I want»

Maferefun Iyalorde in my life!

Mother: you were and are my salvation.

Oshún, our beloved Iyalorde. She came into my life when I needed her most, I crowned myself and from that moment changed my path.

Today I understand and will understand why he says yes and why he says no; why have I cried and why have I laughed.

Everything comes in due time and she is the one who decides. Thank you mother. 

As my mother told me one day, “may you never lack joy.”  

Oshún says: laugh, even if you feel like crying; sing, even if you drown inside of anguish; cry next to my waters and tell me your sorrows; If anger invades you with so much anger, sit next to me, fan yourself and dance, even if your feet hurt from fatigue.

Remember my son / daughter: I will always give you the shine with which you were born, but first I will put you many tests for you to learn to be strong in this life.

Never bend over your leri and with your smile you will kill thousands of envies.

Maferefun Iyalorde every day!

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