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Why do the Daughters of Oshún suffer so much in Love and in Life?

Why do the daughters of Oshún suffer so much in love

I've always heard people ask: Is it true that the daughters of Oshún suffer a lot?

Well, we daughters of Oshún are very dedicated, and perhaps that genuine dedication makes us more vulnerable.

We suffer like every human being on this earth, but it is a reality that we are very susceptible, and our hearts easily squeeze us, finding suffering in many aspects and situations of life, but that does not mean we stop being strong, firm and warriors.

A daughter of Oshún does not expect anything from anyoneHe always battles against all odds, but many times his mind and heart wonders a thousand times why this or that happens, always looking for the cause of the bad attitude of others.

And it is that the daughters of our mother Oshún give love, love and more love, we give ourselves completely thinking that the people around us will always be loyal to our delivery.

But for some reason we have had to face betrayal, and heartbreak in life, and it always happens that those people we have loved, loved or helped move away from one day to the next, causing anguish and sadness in the soul.

But remember, those people who get angry, speak badly of you and envy you do not deserve a tear or sadness on your part, because, even if you have nothing, you will always have someone who speaks ill of you and looks at you badly without even knowing you. Just because you shine

Well then, dear daughter of Oshún, it's not that you don't fit in this real world, The problem is not in you, it is simply in those whose values ​​are in liquidation and their feelings are trifle.

The daughters of Oshún suffer for their blessed qualities, because they are love, sweetness, and goodness.

The blessing of being a Daughter of Oshún What does it mean?

Oshún in the yoruba pantheon She is the African goddess who represents honey and love, sweetness in life, tenacity, the woman's womb, life, and everything that is beautiful and elegant.

In the Rule of Osha or Santeria, the religious is the son of Oshun when the deity chooses him to take care of him in life, for this reason the goddess gives him her crown when this person is consecrated or "becomes a saint".

Learn about some of the characteristics that define the daughters of Iyalorde, the name under which this golden Orisha is also known, who shines like gold itself.

10 Qualities of the Olo Oshún, mother Iyalorde

  1. They are very deep and sensitive, their emotions always on the surface, seeing and feeling mysterious things.
  2. His world is that of magic and that of spirits.
  3. They do not usually connect with all people because of their great universal vibrations, but when they do connect, it is the greatest confidant for them.
  4. They live locked in a haunted and dreamy world, which some do not understand, but they care little, they are always surrounded by incense, aromatic candles, healing plants, crystals and stones.
  5. She talks about fashion and beauty because she is conceited and vain like the Yoruba goddess, she likes to dress very well, be perfumed, show off and shine, but they are more interested in talking about the universe, interpreting dreams, spells, spirits, everything. spiritual.
  6. They are kind and understanding to everyone who comes to them for advice, they give everything and ask for nothing in return.
  7. They are very loved by those around them because they are usually affable, cheerful and friendly.
  8. When they are alone they use solitude for their spiritual and personal growth, they try to be connected with positive vibrations while rejecting the negative ones.
  9. They stand on their own, have great personal strength, are competent and resilient when asked.
  10. It is very sensual and with its charms it envelops and seduces men or women when it is proposed.

Not all the daughters of Oshún are the same as Oshún has many paths in Osha, but if there is one thing I am convinced of, it is that almost all of them have these and more beautiful qualities.

An Olo Oshún is capable of becoming a very great force like the fight that salmon engages to swim upstream, that endurance and perseverance is one of the capacities that they have disguised under their sensual beauty and soft appearance.

If you want to venerate the Orisha Oshún with offerings, know some very powerful:

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