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Why do religious people cover their heads?

Why do santeros cover their heads

It is very common to observe that during religious ceremonies many of the devotees cover their heads, regardless of which religion they profess the act of putting on a scarf or hat is not overlooked, this coincidence between so many religions does not exclude Yoruba practices.

Why the Santeros cover their heads?

This tradition was inherited to our culture by Nigerians, men use the cap called fila and women the gele popularly known as keel.

For religious Cubans this custom is used only for religious practices to honor the Orisha Ori which must remain covered.

Different ways of covering the head according to different religious beliefs

In judaism men wear a kind of small hat called a kippah or skullcap. As a sign that God is above men, they use him to differentiate between the supreme and his followers.

The Catholic religion It is not exempt from this practice, because the Pope, who is its highest authority, has his head covered all the time with a papal cap, by using it he shows respect to God.

Christian women wear a veil when entering temples to pay homage to God, although this practice is not so fervent today.

The nuns use a habit, this, like the toga they wear, is used in order to honor God.   

The Islamic Veil it allows women not only to cover their heads, but also to hide their hair and thus honor their husbands and their prophet.

Some cultures use mantillas during funerals as a symbol of respect for the deceased and their family.

In greek customs only prostitutes and slaves wore their heads uncovered.

Tradition dictates that women who get married must wear a tulle veil that covers their heads until they reach the altar where their future husband awaits them.

Practices in the Osha Rule:

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. saints ceremonies In the case of Ifá, we see the participants wearing a handkerchief in the case of women, which can be white or the color of the person's guardian angel, and in the case of men, they wear a small cap that meets the same chromatic requirements.

The iyaboses who are initiated into the Osha Rule (Santeria) must cover his head during the day and night with a white scarf until other ceremonies of consecration are performed.

When should the head be uncovered?

Covering the head has been a sign of respect throughout time, so much so that to this day the popular heritage recalls the phrase:

"I take my hat off to you as a show of reverence and courtesy."

This rule must be broken:

  • When sitting at the table to make the meals of the day.
  • Upon entering the house of God, the head is uncovered to pay respect to the creator.
  • When bathing, the head is uncovered to ensure better hygiene.

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