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Why can't the santeros get wet in the rain?

Why can't the santeros get wet in the rain

At the Osha Rule Santeros should not wet their heads with rainwater. And we certainly see many practitioners of the Yoruba religion who always carry umbrellas to protect themselves from the occasional shower.

And it is that this is one of the first prohibitions for all believers of the Rule of Osha, because the rain weakens the ori, and diminishes the influence of the guardian angel of each person.

What is the Ori?

Recall that the Ori, the head of a person in its most spiritual mode, links luck with behavior, in the determination of the individual.

Ori is also considered the universal deity of the house, worshiped by both sexes as the god of destiny. And above all, what Ori decides, no other Orisha can modify.

It is that deity that manages good luck or bad fortune, hence sacrifices are offered so that everyone can share good luck.

And since rainwater on the head can weaken the Ori, no santero should be exposed to such problems.

But ... why can't the santeros get wet with rainwater? What do Yoruba stories and legends tell about this topic? Let's get to know the next patakí.

Patakí de los Orishas and rainwater

The pataki says that when the children of the orishas came down to earth, they did not go to look for Ajala (the rain) so that he could feed their heads.

Rather, they rushed down from heaven to earth to claim their possessions. But the son of orunmila He did remember to look for Ajala so that he would reinforce his head.

Thus, when the children of the Orishas were arriving on Earth, a heavy downpour began to fall. And as the rain water fell on them, their heads began to melt.

Only the head of Orunmila's son remained strong. For this reason the santeros do not wet their heads with rainwater, and although this represents blessing and abundance, it also weakens our Ori and therefore all practitioners of the Yoruba religion must protect themselves from it.

Rainwater in the consecration process

Many of those we see carrying the umbrella to protect themselves from the rainwater are those religious who are still going through their one-year consecration process, the Iyawó. In the Iyaworaje period, the guardian angel is joining our ori and until the process is completed, the rainwater can weaken it.

If by chance at that time rainwater falls on our heads, it is necessary to make a prayer (cleaning), to beg Ori to forgive the interruption and help us to follow the process of seating the tutelary Oricha.

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