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Why shouldn't you ignore your intuition?

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1. A spiritual guide accompanies youaña.

All of us are accompaniedañatwo for a spirit guide and protective spirits. Since we are born, Olofin designates our spirits to receive us and these may or may not belong to our family cord.

The spirit is present in our religion, it always guides us, protects us, and does not abandon us. They always stick to things they did in life, where they lived, for example, their house or objects they used (an armchair).

Spirits are educated, they are not governed, education consists in making them see that what they left on earth it no longer belongs to them.

2. Your intuition guides you on the right track.


Do you sometimes perceive intuitions, do you feel that they are watching you, whispering or something more than hunches?

Rest assured that your Egguns are giving you a warning, a sign of something that you should know or that may happen. You must remain attentive to the details that in one way or another they will let you know.

We must also sit in our spiritual vault and say prayers to give them the light they need and thus establish a better connection with them.

Some of us see and feel more than others, but we all have a protective dead by our side who will save us from situations. Have faith and believe in them. 

3. Trust yourself and what you feel.

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You perceive "something strange about that person or in that place." Have you had that feeling? ... You feel a bad vibe or something strange that does not give you confidence. Sometimes things manifest themselves in a certain way in your eyes, but do you feel that reality is different? Well that's intuition.

Understand that you have a gift capable of communicating and penetrating the mind. Trust yourself, no matter what others say, the truth is that your protective spirits are guiding you along the path you should walk, nothing happens by choice, everything has a reason, today you may not know, mañayou will see that yes.

If sometimes you leave your house and come back and you no longer want to leave or when you arrive at a place and As much as it shines for others, it seems sad and gloomy to you, trust you, it doesn't matter if you seem crazy sooner or later you will find the correct answers. 

4. Listen to the silence and find answers.

When things break in your house continuously without any meaning, when a relationship is destroyed quickly without waiting for it, when your plans fall apart overnight, when you usually see black shadows chasing you and you hear mysterious noises in your house, they are warning us of dark spirits.

The reason may be that you do not properly attend to your vault, your Eggun or by witchcraft.

I recommend you attend to their spirits, cross himself, wash his house and strip it with herbs, take baths, blow brandy and cascarilla in each corner of that place and if this does not resolve, it should be consulted.

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