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Do you know why we got baptized? The new spiritual birth

Why we got baptized

The baptism It is perhaps one of the oldest customs that still has great importance today.

And it is that most people are baptized shortly after birth, in a Christian ritual that grants a new spiritual birth.

In Cuba, it is very common to witness baptism ceremonies in any family, since it is a tradition that the little ones are blessed and baptized.

We usually see how a priest of the Church sprinkles the baby's forehead with holy water and prays, while the relatives dress in white and raise prayers for the protection of the little one.

But the fact is that the history and significance of baptism as a rite within the Christian community go beyond the family feast.

Baptism comes from the Greek and means "immerse in water» and it is not only a Christian rite, but bathing as a symbol of purification to cleanse sins is a common ceremony in numerous religious expressions.

Baptism history When was this religious custom born?

Baptism makes us children of God Bible

Baptism is a Christian ceremony which has its origin in the baptism of Jesus, since the Bible says that John immersed him in the Jordan River and that from that moment he knew his mission on Earth.

Since then, all Christians began to immerse newborns in holy water to purify them.

Baptism is one of the three sacraments received by the person who begins in the Christian life:

  • Baptism
  • First Communion
  • Confirmation.

But this ceremony has evolved over time into a tradition rather than a Christian rite of passage.

The custom of baptizing children from an early age dates back to the first centuries of the Catholic Church, since it was said that man is born stained by original sin and needs a new birth with baptism to receive the Grace of God.

However, today many people baptize their little ones without understanding the true meaning of the ritual, since the baptism has become a cultural heritage throughout the world.

Baptism makes us "Sons of God" according to the Bible

But let's know some of the effects that, according to the Bible, baptism has on the baby:

  • Forgive sins and give a new life. This remains from the first centuries of Christianity, when Baptism was administered to adults.
  • It unites the baptized baby to the death and resurrection of Jesus, since the little one is associated with the destiny of Jesus Christ: to die to rise to a new, fully happy life.
  • Incorporates the Baptized into the Church. The Church is made up of all the baptized, it is born from baptism.

The baptism in Cuba and Santeria

In Cuba, the Santeria that unites Catholic and African cults, practices have also incorporated baptism as a form of purification and oath before God.

For this reason, before performing the santeras ceremonies and initiations in the Rule of Osha-Ifá, have as a requirement that the person be baptized before the church.

However, not only babies and young children are baptized, adults can also be baptized in the church before God. Any moment of our life is opportune to take this great step.

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