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Why do I represent my protective spirits with dolls?

Protective spirits

Many have asked me why we represent our protective spirits and guides through dolls, also why some have tendencies towards an Orisha.

Many times we hear people say:

My trendy African conga Yemaya, my black with trend Shango, or other Orishas of the Afro-Cuban cult.

And so many other spirits that are represented by means of dolls and are identified by the colors of their clothing and the attributes that surround them.

Also the powerful gypsy, or the Indian, that the santeros usually dress very beautifully, with their typical costumes, offering prayers and gifts to these beings.

It is here where it is shown that our Afro-Cuban or Santeria religion is present in the legacy of our African ancestors and ancestors who practiced the Yoruba religion.

A legacy to our religion:

Many of these rites to the spirits arrived in Cuba in colonial times to stay with us and form part of our roots to this day.

Due to the acculturation process in Cuba, the cult of the dead also became syncretized, mixing the practices of spiritualism with African beliefs, a spontaneous process that crossed several trends and that we know today as "crossed spiritualism."

In spiritism, which is the cult of the dead, believers represent our spiritual guide through dolls because they carry a magical charge, through which they protect and guide us.

In the Yoruba religion, the Eggun (dead), like the Orishas (deities), are those entities that each one receives at birth to receive protection and guidance in life, they are also our spiritual guides.

So, this tendency to represent the spirits and establish a constant relationship between the Orishas, ​​Eggun and spiritism, (the saints and the dead) is based on the fact that a spiritual and ancestral truth exists between these beings due to the strong mixture that was established between the cultures of the time.

What do these dolls symbolize?

We religious attend to our representations (dolls) as bodies that have a soul, because that spirit lives in them.

For me they are energies that always work without any type of conditions, because they love and accept us as we are, they teach us to be better over time, and to understand that we have mistakes and we must correct them.

With them it is not what you want, but they indicate what would be good for you, because they are the ones who see what we do not see.

What dead (spirits) accompany us?añan?

In our spiritual cord are always present our deceased relatives and also different beings such as tribal Indians, gypsies, doctors, Africans, and even aristocrats, who lived in a remote time.

You may have heard about Mamá Francisca and Ta José, entities well known for protecting and protecting many religious.  

These spirits welcome us as their children, a solid relationship is established between them and we find ourselves under their protection and protection.  

How are these protective spirits cared for?

You may have entered a religious house and seen how they are cared for, given love and affection as if it were a person.

In themselves, they are part of our life, we spoil them, we pamper them, we surround them with objects that they liked when they “animated meat”, a phrase that is often used to refer to when “they were alive”.

It depends on the entities, their characteristics or the functions they performed, we usually surround them with objects with great religious significance, fans and castanets for the gypsy, chests full of pearls, cigars, flowers, sticks or herbs.

The offerings and objects that are placed in the name of these spirits also depend on what they have indicated to you that they would like.

You wonder how we can know ...

How do spirits communicate with us?

For example, through spiritual masses, dreams, other times they say it in your ear or put it in your mind, the ways to communicate on an earthly level are many, intuition is one of them.

Do not think that we are crazy, it is a wonderful gift that establishes a mutual and intrinsic connection between both worlds.

Depending on our energetic frequency, constancy in Masses and spiritual labors, they will offer you the opportunity to listen to them clearly and without confusion, of course we are not all sensitive to such energies.  

People who have the gift of feeling this union of mutual correspondence, which will nurture both beings, will be able to perceive how they rise to phases of great spiritual growth.

A spiritual relationship:

This fusion that originates between you and your protective spirits will establish attachment, affection, daily talks, they feel like a daily part of our lives.

These representations of spirits are based on our belief, they are a spiritual way of connecting with our ancestors, communicating with them and raising them as the beings of light that they are.

For this reason, the religions of others should not be judged or criticized, everything has a reason.  

I am sure that if we respect our ancestors, beings of light and protective spirits, our energies will rise and we will achieve that their light illuminates our path.

If you want you can write to my email, I can accompanyañaJoin your spiritual path or visit my website. A hug.

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