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Why, if I am a santera, do they call me a witch?

Cuban witchcraft

In the previous post I explained a little about my Yoruba religion and its relationship with the so-called "Cuban witchcraft", its differences and what I think about it.

If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you read here Are Santeria and Witchcraft the same?

I love to talk about my religion, but its history is so great, the beauty of the patakíes (legends) of our Orishas and everything that governs and surrounds it, that words would not reach me because in it I have found everything, and when I say all is all.

Santeria and witchcraft are not the same.

The Santeria commonly called "Cuban witchcraft", it has formed within our religious culture as a popular concept.

And it is that due to syncretism it is common for different tendencies and religions to be mixed and related, as a result of which terms are used incorrectly due to ignorance of history and our roots.

But as I mentioned that I explain it in my previous post, you can read it here

Cuban witch

Witch: Wise Woman

Witch translates to "wise woman" and for me it is synonymous with divination, enchantments, spells and intuition.

Now, what I was referring to earlier, if my person is specifically called a "witch" I applaud it, why would I be offended?

It is not good or bad witchcraft, it is good or bad soul practitioners. Because as they say:

"There is no bad religion but bad religious."

The word "witchcraft" does not have to be related to a dark world and demonic influences.

Since ancient times it has existed and although witches have been feared throughout history, in many cultures they are respected for their great wisdom.

I am a santera and a witch at heart

  • It does not offend me because witches heal body and spirit, I do not associate them with anything bad and destructive, each one is a world and with their magic they create or destroy.
  • They are knowledgeable about nature, minerals, plants, trees, planets, moons, astrals and, in general, the nature that surrounds us.
  • They take advantage of all the healing power of plants, give life with their magic to beings of light and elevate them so that their vibes are positive.

Remember: Never offend, let us respect all religions or whatever we want to believe.

That is the message of my writing, they thought that by calling me a witch I would get angry and as I said, it was music in my ears.

This santera and “little witch” (because I don't have much knowledge to call myself a witch) sends you a big hug, great spells of positive energy and blessings with lots of Ashé.

Dedicated to all the Witches who heal:

If you heal with your light
If you heal with your look
If you heal with your thought
If you heal with your heart
If you heal with your hands
If you heal with love
If you heal with delivery
If you heal with your herbs and they call you a witch
Answer them with pride: I have been from my mother's womb!
Those who heal wounds with love, we have the privilege of being "Witches."

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