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Why is Eleguá the first Orisha to be received? Pataki

Because Eleguá is the first

Elegua It is in the Yoruba religion the first protection, the first Orisha that is received, it is also the first of the group of the four warriors and is greeted with preference. To the one who is given knowledge of what is going to be done because he is a decision-maker and messenger of the Orishas, ​​if he wishes, our request does not reach its destination.

He is tireless owner of the roads, protector of the mountain and watchman of the four corners. In celebrations and ceremonies he is the first Orisha to be attended, Eleguá always goes ahead.

But why should Elegguá be the first to be received? Next we present the pataki that explains the question.

Pataki: Elegguá saves Olofin

The pataki tells that one day Constitution he fell ill with a rare disease for which no one had any explanation. The evil wiped out all his strength and weakened his powers.

Thus weak, Olofin called all the Orishas to see if the characteristic Ashe of each could save him and take away the strange evil.

The first to try was orula with the Ifá divination system. The sage and soothsayer, the advisor, tried to determine what afflicted the Creator, but nothing the oracle said could end the evil that afflicted Olofin.

obbatala He tried later, for his role as a maker of men, but his effort proved futile.

Babalu-Ayé, as representative of the cure for diseases, healer and miraculous, he did not achieve it, not even Yemaya the Goddess of the sea with her energies, nor Oshun with the power of its sweet waters, nor Oyá, warrior who runs the world of the dead.

The Orishas were stunned by his inability to heal Olofin while the rare disease continued to consume the powers of the creator and decided to exchange knowledge in order to save him as soon as possible.

While they were at it, the door was slammed open and appeared Eleggua, who had heard of Olofin's disease and said it could cure it.

Obbatalá with his wisdom, indicated that Elegguá was too young to be consulted, although he had good intentions. So he told him that he should go away and stop bothering Olofin.

But desperate Olofin said:

“I think everyone deserves a chance. Let the boy try. After all, he may have learned things by wandering the woods. "

Eleguá, the first Orisha by mandate of Olofin

Thus Elegguá stayed with the Creator, and took out a bunch of fresh herbs, crushed them in water, and gave Olofin to drink.

Minutes later, when the Orishas entered the habitation, they saw Olofin standing, showing good health and smiling. So he informed them that indeed, Eleggúa had cured him and that for his age he showed immense wisdom.

To reward him, Olofin proclaimed that Elegguá would be the first Orisha honored in all her ceremonies and the guardian of all doors and paths.

Without your permission no work or offering can be done. Then he took out a golden key and gave it to Elegguá to protect the doors.

Elegguá behaved kindly towards others and the other Orishas, ​​seeing their kind and humble attitude, they accepted the mandate of Olofin.

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