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The Chinese Horoscope also sends us predictions for this Year 2021

Chinese horoscope predictions 2021

The lunar new year in China is far from its beginning compared to other places in the world, it will take place on February 12, 2021, extending until January 31, 2022.

To commemorate such an important occasion, China will dress in red and gold, especially this year because the golden ox will be the sacred animal that will be in charge of guiding the country towards a better future.

What are the sacred animals of the Chinese horoscope?

The Chinese horoscope is made up of twelve sacred animals:

  1. the rat,
  2. Horse,
  3. the ox,
  4. the goat,
  5. monkey,
  6. the Dragon,
  7. the snake,
  8. the Tiger,
  9. the cat,
  10. the pig,
  11. the rabbit and
  12. the dog.

Each of these animals represents certain interests and has complex and unique missions, which it develops according to the year in which the mandate is assigned.

2021 is the Year of the Golden Ox.

2021 year of the ox
2021: Year of the Ox

This 2021 the golden ox will be the sacred animal that will rule the lives of believers who year after year follow the advice of the animal in order to make their future more bearable.

The golden ox represents hard work, physical and spiritual strength, order in the accomplishment of tasks and in one's own life, sacrifice and effort required to achieve desired goals.

This animal represents the family and the union that is required in it in order to overcome difficulties.

How to attract good fortune in the year of the golden ox?

Lucky numbers for this year they will be 1 and 4, these digits will bring fortune in whatever their combinations are.

Recommended use yellow, white, gray, silver and green As tones directly related to nature are those that have great spiritual strength.

The Bell, the Mantle of Mary, the Tulip and the Peach Blossom will be the floral elements that will bring good vibes and freshness to the home, thus warding off negative energies and bad fortune.

What should be avoided this year?

  • Blue garments,
  • the numbers 5 and 6 and their respective combinations,
  • excesses and lack of respect for the elderly are elements and behaviors that should be avoided this new year.

This new cycle marked by the arrival of the golden ox is defined as an opportunity to start new projects, correct past mistakes and try to find inner peace.

Tips for this year 2021 according to the Yoruba religion:

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