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How does the Santero prepare the four corners? ≫ Cleaning the roads

Prepare the 4 corners Santeria

The four corners They are a point of confluence of energies, which is governed under the precepts of the Orisha ELEGUÁ. who gives his consent and blessing so that they are opened according to the merit of each religious.

The santero must prepare them annually in order to clear the way so that all the blessings that he is deserving of obtain reach the family and the life of the believer himself.

Preparing the 4 corners:

It is necessary to clarify that when the four corners are going to be prepared, one of these must remain unalterable, since this will be in charge of attracting luck, making way for it to the ilé (house) of the devotee of the Osha.

Oñi or honey to attract happiness.

The santero pours honey on three of the four corners in order to obtain harmony and happiness for his home.

Through this action he invokes the presence of the Orisha Oshun who is the saint in charge of providing love.

Roasted corn kernels to attract money.

According to multiple patakíes corn is the representation that Eshú He chose as a symbolic payment rate between men and Orishas, ​​which is why the golden grain is paid to him in the preparation of the four corners so that financial development reaches his life.

Otí or brandy to stop sorcery.

The brandy It is a strong antidote against hexes, it is used in baths and in ritual cleansings for its powerful action against bad energies.

This ingredient is added in the domains of Elegguá as an adimú (offering) to please the spirits and ward off spells and disturbances.

Three Gio Gio for the Orisha Elegguá to open the way.

When the santero wishes to overcome difficulties, he makes an immolation to Eshu of three chicks, which represent health, development and long life.

This work is very powerful and effective, it constitutes the key that opens the door of good fortune.

Tobacco smoke to satisfy Eggún.

In the Rule of Osha (Santeria) No ceremony can be performed without first informing the deceased of what is going to be performed.

For this reason, one of the first tasks that are carried out when religiously working on the four corners is to blow on them, tobacco smoke, through this action to satisfy eggun.

The Melao of Yemayá to attract a trip.

the molasses of caña It is used in order to attract a trip, which materializes thanks to the joint work carried out by the Orishas Eleggúa, the owner of the roads and Yemayá the Queen of the Ocean.

This black nectar is in charge of breaking all the obstacles that may exist regarding this development.

Fish and smoked hutía for health.

Fish and smoked hutía they are basic ingredients in Eshú's arsenal of ceremonial works.

These sacred elements are used with the aim of obtaining iré and what greater luck can a human being wish than to have health and peace in his home. 

Candies and pennies so that there is never a lack of food to support the family.

The candies they are one of the addimús that make Elegguá most happy, these are deposited in the four corners accompaniedañatwo of a few cents so that food or sustenance never lacks in the dwelling of the believer.

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