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What are Presentiments? Hunches that can save us


Intuition, hunches, impressions, vestiges of the future that we have ahead ... we have called them in very different ways, but they are really known as hunches, a form of premonition referred to and linked to personal situations that involve us.

For many centuries, hunches have filled the history of humanity, as they are those premonitions that manage to capture, albeit inaccurately, something that is going to happen.

There are numerous stories of people who have been saved by these sudden hunches, granted without possessing any kind of gift of divination.

2 Stories about hunches:

  • A former guerrilla commented that one night he was entrusted with the surveillance of the southern zone in his camp and at the time of the announcement, he felt fear.

He was so panicky that he invented a severe stomach ache to be relieved of his task. That same night the army attacked precisely where he should have been guarding.

  • One mother reported that her son came home late at night, but not always at the same time.

Once she felt anguish at an hour in the morning and minutes later, she received a call in which they indicated that he was in a hospital, because he had been run over.

The mother claims that she had begun to feel distress an hour before the accident.

Why do I sometimes have hunches that are fulfilled?

Many are the testimonies that, like these, are seen on a daily basis, since most people receive these impressions of the future, these forebodings which are also known as "Abnormal anticipatory activity."

And it is that scientists agree that, indeed, people can anticipate what is going to happen.

It is defined as the feeling or suspicion that something is going to happen.

According to science, although all the sensations and all the thoughts that invade us do not indicate premonitions, sometimes they are so intense that we are not able to turn a deaf ear, and for this reason they are given the name of:

  • Sixth Sense
  • intuition
  • premonition
  • hunch

Some tips to listen to our powerful inner self:

We must always be alert and listen to our mind when it has something to let us know.

To ignore our intuition would be to reject our own essence, little by little we can develop that inner power to recognize when things are going good or bad, when we must take one path or another.

Therefore, there are certain ways to enhance hunches and inner knowledge.

6 Tips that strengthen intuition:

  1. Let's listen to our hunches and always analyze them.
  2. We must distinguish hunches from prejudices, it is not the same and can mislead us.
  3. Let's meditate, and be aware of the different daily sensations.
  4. Let's practice having lucid dreams or the ability to control our unconscious.
  5. Let's reinforce our inner peace and don't allow feelings like anxiety to manipulate us.
  6. Let's follow that inner voice that tells us the way to go, intuition is never wrong.

The truth is that there are people who have the gift of intuition and have it more developed than others, but we all have that energy necessary to feel, what happens is that sometimes we do not pay attention, due to the daily rush, but if we try to listen calmly, it is possible.

And you, have you felt any foreboding? Leave us a comment!

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