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Meet the Apprentice, the first Masonic degree and more about Freemasonry

Masonic first degree

Freemasonry is: the practice of an institution conceived with the aim of searching for the truth, a company that goes beyond sex, social class, skin color and age.

It also includes:

  • The philosophical study of human behavior, the sciences and the arts,
  • and the promotion of the social and moral development of the human being, guiding him towards his personal evolution, making him grow socially, to sculpt through this a better human being.

Freemasons exemplify their teachings through symbols taken from masonry or, more specifically, from the Royal Art of Construction and architecture, using, to cite an example:

  • the rule and
  • Compass.

Instruments with which its ideal of building a better, more humane and more sensitive society in the face of collective complaints and needs materializes.

4 Pillars of the Masonic Code:

Despite the willingness of many people to join the brotherhood, not all are admitted, because Masons are based on a strict code of honor called the Masonic code, in which they are considered pillars:

  • Being a good son
  • good husband,
  • good friend
  • and good father.

It is also necessary to be a man and have reached the age of majority, which ranges between 18 and 21 years.

The first 3 degrees of Freemasonry:

Freemasonry is established in hierarchical order, reaching numerous degrees, the first three degrees are:

  • The newbie, also called mason or worker;
  • follow him the partner, officer or builder; Y
  • the third that we will cite is that of teacher, patron or architect.

The Apprentice symbolizes the transition from rough stone to polished diamond

  • The first degree of Freemasonry he is known under the apprentice name.

This is the trial period that is collected in the ancient scriptures, only after having overcome this period the mason officially enters the brotherhood.

This period of transition and learning is where the man begins to prepare himself for the life and missions of the fraternity.

The apprentice is the least of all Masons, his degree represents innocence and neatness, so his clothes and apron must always be clear.

He is considered by the brothers as the offspring of the brotherhood and it is the duty of those already initiated to lead him in the learning and knowledge of the Masonic code.

apprentice duties

The apprentice must know that his arrival in the fraternity must be based on:

  • The intentions to build and not destroy as you go through life,
  • to transform from rough stone to polished diamond and
  • leave behind old grudges from the past that placed him in a lower degree of mental and behavioral maturity.

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