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Why is Eleguá a Prince? Olofin's power made him distinguished

Prince Eleguá

A long time ago orunmila he was lost with no job, no home, and nothing to support himself with.

He arrives at a town and hears a lot of laughter, he goes to the place and sees that a man whom everyone called Biaguona, was the one who with his jokes made everyone present laugh out loud and they gave them money and food as a gift for their performances .

So Orunmila decided to meet that man and he succeeded, and so he began to tell Biaguona all his financial problems.

Pataki where Eleguá and Orula make a pact to work together

Biaguona immediately sympathizes with the man she had just met, but does not reveal his true identity, in reality Biaguona was Eleggua.

Elegguá also begins to tell Orunmila that his life was not as he wanted and tells him:

Why don't we go see Olofin to tell us what to do and resolve the situation for both of us?

Elegguá could actually resolve Orunmila's precarious situation, but he did not want to do anything behind Olofin's back and was somewhat suspicious that he would be betrayed.

Orunmila agrees to go where Olofin and his palace are going.

Already in front of Olofin they make a treaty to work together, said contract consisted of helping each other, no betrayals or arrogance.

They begin to work together, Orunmila would work consulting and Elegguá would be on the corner.

Orula does not comply with the treaty and stops giving food to Eleguá

Elegguá from the corner sent everyone who came to Orunmila's office and spoke to them about how well he consulted.

Thus little by little the popularity of Orunmila grew and also its economy.

According to what was stipulated in the contract, Elegguá could not leave his place, which was the corner, but Orunmila had to send food to him every day.

Orunmila's offices were crowded and Elegguá was forgetting his food.

One day a man passes by the corner asking where to go for consultations and Elegguá, as he was hungry, shows the man the place, but says:

  • Tell Orunmila to send me my food.

As soon as the man arrived, he told Orunmila and he replied:

  • Ah! Right that's my servant

The man consults and brings the food to Elegguá. That man remains talking and Elegguá tells him that he and Orunmila were partners.

The very astonished man tells him that Orunmila had told him that he was his servant.

When Elegguá heard that, he became very upset and decided not to send him more people for consultation and each time they asked, he indicated another address.

After days Orunmila extrañaBecause he didn't have anyone, he goes to the corner and asks Elegguá and he tells him:

To live you must eat and you are not fulfilling your bargain. Let's go back to Olofin and he will tell.

Eleguá becomes prince by mandate of Olofi

Elegguá tells Olofin everything that happened and then Olofin dictates:

I terminate the previous treaty. Do you agree Elegguá?

Elegguá responds affirmatively and Orunmila tells Olofin that they have a new deal, but that he must give his consent and tells him.

When he finishes telling him, Olofin goes to Elegguá and asks him:

Do you agree with that new treaty?

Yes I agree - Elegguá answers. but I will only accept it if Orunmila from now on tells everyone that I am a prince, not his servant.

Olofin looked at Orunmila and dictated:

As of today Eleguá is a prince and so that no one will forget he will carry a parrot feather on his lerí (head) so that he is distinguished.

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