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Salvia Essential Oil gives us purification, healing and good vibes

Properties of sage essential oil

Sage essential oil It is often used to improve vision and treat related problems, such as tired eyes.

In addition, due to its powerful aroma, it is añafrom to soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes.

And not only in cosmetics is this element used, but it also has its part in gastronomy, as an ingredient in liqueurs, frozen dairy desserts, pastry products, condiments and non-alcoholic beverages.

What properties does the relaxing and calming sage essential oil?

Sage essential oil is also used to calm the nervous system, especially during periods of stress, depression, and insomnia.

It is excellent for calming down and treating depression.

For these qualities and many others, this spectacular compound full of the immense powers of sage, is extremely popular in aromatherapy, as its properties relax the environment and calm.

Many use it in the form of incense, incense or in scented candles, in order to enjoy its heady fragrance.

The spiritual significance of sage oil:

Sage plant and its properties in oil
Salvia plant

Sage is an aromatic plant widely linked to purification and healing.

Legends say that many believed that sage was a sacred plant that would provide them with immortality, due to a very popular phrase:

"Whoever grows sage in his garden will have no reason to die."

It was believed that sage was a plant that frogs, toads, snakes and "witches" liked very much, so to use it to cure ailments, you had to wash the plant very well before using it because the poison it contained was impregnated in its leaves.

Therefore, there are also those who still say that sage should always be planted next to the mighty rough plant, so that it cannot be touched by evil.

Today, the spiritual properties of sage are multiple and the essential oil of the plant is used to permeate the environment of physical spaces with them.

The powers of sage oil are used to:

  • Promote wisdom and well-being
  • Practice healing spells
  • Attract prosperity and draw money
  • The fragrance that sage gives off can help us when we need an energetic cleanse to protect our home.

Other important functions of sage essential oil are:

  • Aphrodisiac: Its use can even help treat psychological problems related to loss of sexual desire and impotence.
  • Pain relieving: relieves headaches, back pain, muscle stiffness, and cramps.
  • Blood pressure regulator: It can help lower blood pressure by relaxing the arteries and thus lowering the risk of heart problems.
  • For hair treatments: It is used to stimulate hair growth and treat dandruff.
  • To restore luminosity to our skin: The oil regulates the production of oil in the skin and reduces inflammation.
  • Aid for digestion:  Sage essential oil can help fight bacteria in the

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