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3 Evils that darken the soul How to get them away from our home?

Protect yourself from bad energies

Envy, jealousy and anger They are harmful feelings that can bring bad wishes and complicated situations to our life, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself, clean yourself and protect yourself from bad energies.

When we feel that negative energy surrounds us, we must try to remove it from our home and our spirit by any possible means.

And it is that this type of sensations generate a powerful negative energy, which does not do any good to anyone.

You should always protect yourself from bad energies such as envy, jealousy and anger:

The best thing we can do if we are the focus of envy, jealousy or anger, is to get away from those bad omens.

  • However, there are some rituals to remove bad feelings from our home. For example:

1. Burn rue for space protection

Rue plant for incense
Rue plant

Rue is a highly spiritual plant that will protect us with its good vibes and calm the anger and anger that flow around us.

Burning it as an incense (energy cleaning technique with smoke) is a good way to ward off envy and bad vibes. Although if we cannot do it we can also use incense.

  1. We only need to place coals on dried rue leaves or rue powder.
  2. We close the doors and windows and travel the whole house with that smoke that is emitted by the plant, mainly the corners.
  3. It is better that our home is alone, so everything will flow positively without obstacles.
  4. Once everything is burned, we throw away the remains, trusting that the bad energy goes with them.

2. Lavender incense to calm your spirits

Another perfect fragrance to ward off envy, calm the jealousy that hurts us so much, and protect us from the danger that threatens our home, is lavender.

  • We only need to place incense from this plant in several habitations of the house, so that the powerful aroma floods the home and removes any danger from our house.
  • We can also spray the essence of the plant on our clothes before storing them, to prevent envy and bad desires that we collect from the outside world.

3. Protective amulets that block evil

The most common amulet against envy, jealousy, anger and all kinds of negative vibes, is to wear a red ribbon on the wrist, using it both on the street and at home to protect yourself from bad energies.

Stones are also good protectors against these evils, and if we place them in our home, we will be protecting it from the entry of negative energy.

  • Especially black tourmaline and jet are effective in avoiding dark vibrations that affect our life.

Other powerful cleanses you can do to purify:

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