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Otrupon Meyi: Where Obatalá put Shango's loyalty to the test

Test from Obatalá to Shango

Obatala He lived jealous of his relatives and on one occasion wanted to test Shango, for he wanted to know if he truly esteemed him or not.

To accomplish the task, he availed himself of the help of some of his subjects who swore to remain silent until the mission was completed.

So Obatalá began to develop a plan to carry out.

Pataki: Father Obatalá prepares a plan to test the fidelity of the Orisha of fire

Under the command of the holy owner of all heads the accomplices began to spread the news that the Orisha was seriously ill.

As they had agreed, the information had to be critical for the news to spread quickly.

In this way the rumor spread until it reached the ears of Shango, who was shocked with the news and worried, he began to question about the state of slime.

After assimilating it, he sent his subjects to prepare some concoctions and baths to take to Obatalá's house and in this way to be able to collaborate with his recovery.

Before leaving he took a bottle of brandy and between steps and worries he was drinking until he reached the palace.

The recovery of Obatalá was a priority for the great Shango

When the sons of Obatala saw him, they felt sorry for his condition and sent him to pass, removing all the packages that he was carrying, among which came many concoctions and fresh herbs.

Shangó did nothing but ask for Obatalá, then the smallest of the house led him to the habitawhere the Orisha rested so that he could see it with his own eyes.

Upon entering it, he saw Baba lying on the bed and felt great sadness, kneeling next to the bed, he began to pray for the recovery of Obatala and the saint who heard this sat up, giving Shangó a great fright.

Shango did appreciate Baba from his heart, and he demonstrated it with actions

The Orisha owner of the fire was frozen before the recovery of slime, so Obatalá had no choice but to admit that he had put a test on Shangó to measure how far his esteem for him reached, a reality that took everyone by surprise.

A test that he had far exceeded as he had come almost at the speed of light to help him and to care for him.

Proving in this way that all the affection that he claimed to feel for the Orisha was from the heart, without any kind of interest or ulterior motives.

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