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The red bracelet ≫ Amulet that counteracts the Evil Eye and envy

Red bracelet for the evil eye

The color red is a strong tone that offers warmth to the eyes and vigor to the spirit, this has been related to love and passion.

At the same time, it is identified with the physical and sexual attraction towards the object of desire.

It is believed that red has the virtue of warding off the evil eye and harmful influences, thus freeing the individual who carries it from suffering from these evils.

The red ribbon and its spiritual properties:

Bracelets for the evil eye

Children are given a red ribbon to protect them from envy and bad thoughts.

This bracelet acts as a kind of protective talisman that does not allow the aura to get dirty, keeping the good vibrations high.

The disturbances fade away when the red color appears, it is believed that this tone is capable of warding off diseases, although this is a statement that does not yet have scientific basis.

Red is reflected in fire, an element that has the capacity for destruction at the same time that it allows the creation of pieces of art, food and work materials, this is in charge of providing light and heat to man with the same intensity as it can burn it.

Blood is a body fluid that is identified under this color, this is one of the main requirements of the body.

Symbolically, great importance is given to it not only because of its relevance in health and medicine but also because of its metaphorization with respect to the family environment, so in this context we can relate it to union, life support and brotherly affection.

The virtues of the red bracelet in Asian culture.

This tone is attributed the virtue of promoting the obtaining of good fortune.

In Chinese culture, red is a sacred color used to dress and decorate venues in high-meaning events where joy and good vibes reign.

Through this color was born the ancient tradition that describes that all the people who are destined to meet and be together are connected by a red thread, which can extend or contract, but never break.

This is the reason why in their culture a red bracelet is used that represents the thread of destiny, it is believed that this also offers spiritual protection and strength, the red bracelet is an element of connection with the ancestors and solar energy.

Powerful amulets that protect and care:

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