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Why do we celebrate Africa Day on May 25? We are all africa

What we celebrate on May 25

a day to remember, to celebrate glory, freedom and history. A day to honor the tradition of a continent that has shared its oldest roots with all of humanity.

We come from Africa and we owe ourselves to it.

On May 25 we celebrate Africa Day to commemorate the founding of the Organization for African Unity in 1963. Years later, in 2002, the organization would become the current African Union, which has given impetus for the African region to work as one nation.

The organization advocates that African countries and their habitaBefore they must help each other and defend their rights and promotes the unity and solidarity of the states of the continent.

The African Union is today the spokesperson for the interests of the continent, which is why Africa is increasingly open to international cooperation. Currently 55 African states make up the organization.

So… what do we celebrate on May 25? We remember the Day of African Liberation, because we owe ourselves to the great continent. A day of freedom and history!

African Freedom Day!Ending the colonial cravings!

In 1939, 6 countries shared almost the entire African continent: Belgium, Spain,aña, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal.  

The native population suffered between misery and disease, while positions of power were reserved for people of European origin. In South Africa, Africans were even separated from white people.

But already in the twentieth century Africa woke up.

The population of the countries rebelled and fought for their independence, making a large part of the continent free after the Second World War.

But economic inequality continued to sap African forces. For this reason and with the will to end all the colonies that still existed, the Organization for African Unity was created on May 25, 1963.

Today and despite the constant struggle of African states, the African Union still has to face numerous challenges in order to achieve stability for all countries, such as:

  • Epidemics
  • Famines
  • Poverty and social inequalities
  • The fight against Covid-19 is currently being added

Why is it important to remember May 25?

Every May 25, the world celebrates Africa and supports the continent's struggle for better living conditions.

Many are the countries that join the celebration to promote the unity and solidarity of the African states.

This date has become a celebration that refers to the achievements of the continent and invites us to analyze the challenges and challenges facing Africa.

It is important to promote solidarity and the ties that bind us to Africa

In some states of Africa it is a designated national holiday and in many cities around the world academic and cultural gatherings are held to honor the celebration. Above all, in those nations where ties with African culture become stronger.

Every May 25, the world raises its voice for Africa asking for respect and affirming that African peoples have the right to peace, better living conditions and sustainable development.

Thus Africa, the continent that began human history, the beautiful, the green, the full of natural wealth, continues to invite all countries to approach and dialogue.

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