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What should I ask the Orishas?

What should I ask the Orishas

Before asking, find your Orishas within you.

Visit rivers and you will find Oshun.

Visit seas and it will be Yemaya Olokun.

Visit the mountain, touch upright royal palms and you will feel the care of Eleggúa, Oggún, Oshosi and Shango.

Enjoy the winds and it will be Oyá who takes care of you.

Enjoy everything, every stone, every tree, every path, enjoy the sky and the rain, and the memory of those who have already left.

Find joy in every detail and the enormous emptiness that you feel inside will disappear, because in everything Our Orishas and Eggun are present, protecting and guiding us.

Let us pray to the Orishas with our hearts.

Ask your Orishas to give you strength to face the danger and not to be taken away from the problem.

If danger is in our path, either through our own head, because we caused it or due to external circumstances, instead of asking for that pain to be taken away, we pray to be able to transcend it.

Ask for development and not work, development will be given to you through health and spiritual peace, which is the most important thing for us.

In your orders say: "I will do", "I will be able to", "I intend" and above all, give a thousand thanks for how much or how little, what has come to you and what will come to you.

Have faith. 

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