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When and how should a Novena be started? 9 Prayers of Great Power

What day should a novena start?

The ninth As proposed by the Catholic Church, it consists of praying for nine consecutive days, generally for a particular request or intention.

This traditional form of prayer that seeks to resort to the intercession of the Virgin Mary or a Catholic saint.

The nine days of a novena generally refer to the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost, the waiting period for the disciples and the mother of Jesus, until they received the Holy Spirit.

That is why it is also said that the Novena is a time of prayer for the expectation of a grace. We must know that the results of these prayers are sometimes as expected, but sometimes they can be different.

What day should a novena start?

Although it is said that formerly the novenas they were supposed to start on good fridaysCurrently according to the Catholic Church, there is no need to wait for a specific date to start a novena, as we must do it when we feel the need or desire to do so.

From what day does the novena of homage or celebration to the Saints begin?

We must know that the Catholic tradition also proposes to pray a novena before the feast of a saint or a Christian celebration, so in that case the prayers begin 8 days before the day of the feast, so that the last prayer begins the tribute. .

Thus there are many annual novenas with specific dates to be performed such as:

  • Novena to Saint Joseph
  • the novena to the Immaculate Conception
  • the novena to the Holy Spirit

Can we do the novena whenever we want?

If we are going to make a novena because we need the intercession of a saint, we can choose the starting date, the time of day and the place where we will pray it.

Most novenas offer us a daily meditation, through a passage from the Bible or a spiritual book, and a prayer, often addressed to God through the intercession of a saint.

Entonces What day should a novena start? The day your faith tells you to do it.

We should always pray showing faith and love for God:

In order for all our prayers to be heard, we must always keep in mind to pray with faith, to open our hearts to God in order to receive his graces and to pray and talk spontaneously from love.

What happens if a novena is interrupted?

This is a very common question. What happens if I cut a novena? This can happen to us for many reasons, not only due to irresponsibility or forgetfulness, but also due to dissimilar situations that can intervene and make it impossible for us to continue praying.

  • In that case we need start the novena again, since it is important to keep the prayer interrupted for 9 days.

That is why the novena is considered so powerful, because during those days you will meditate, pray and maintain the habit of praying, focused on hopes and new opportunities.

It is also advisable to copy or print the novena and in this way wherever we are, even if it is far away, we can carry it in our pocket and pray the prayer that corresponds to that day.

Remember, we must be open to the plan that God has for us, and keep faith every day.

Learn more about the Novena and some that you can pray with great faith:

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