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What is the Aura? The invisible layer that connects us to the spiritual world

What is the aura in a person

Many times we hear about the positive spiritual aura or the colors of the aura, which indicate our feelings, our problems and our most intense emotions.

They even say that the aura can paint a good and pure soul, with the most beautiful colors and it is like an envelope that reflects our main qualities.

And it is that really, the aura is a luminous energy or electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings in the form of an oval and according to studies, it is imperceptible to the naked eye.

Some curiosities about the Aura:

  • This element is represented in colors, which depend on the emotions and feelings that prevail in people.
  • Spiritual auras full of bright and bright colors represent pure feelings, while dark hues are symbols of a sad, sick, lonely or hateful soul.
  • The aura is the combination of the ethereal, emotional and physical body, and represents the information of our souls.
  • It is linked to the chakras and their alignment, if our chakras have problems, the spiritual aura will reflect them as well.
  • It is believed that the spiritual aura usually extends between one and three feet away from the physical body in all directions, surrounding the person.
  • It consists of 7 layers or subtle bodies, although some say there are 12 or many more, which interconnect and affect each other constantly.

The 7 Layers of the spiritual aura and its meaning:

The aura and its layers

The layers of the spiritual aura represent certain characteristics and emotions of people. Among them are:

1. The etheric body, the closest

It is the closest to the physical body and usually reflects our physical health and our most basic instincts.

It usually appears a soft blue or silver color, but if there is a disease, it turns dark in color, especially around the affected area.

It is a layer that can change its hue depending on everything we do to regain our health and have a healthy lifestyle.

2. The emotional body

It is the layer that indicates the person's state of mind, as well as the emotional reactions to other individuals and to situations.

It changes continuously according to the mood of the person, but the residues of the strongest emotions such as anger and fear, remain stored in this layer and can affect the emotional and physical health of the person.

Also, emotions can manifest in any shade or combination of colors.

  • The brightest colors and cigars usually indicate elevated emotions and peace.
  • Cloudy colors they are more characteristic of violent emotions or low instincts.

3. The mental body or layer

It is what we call conscience and here we protect our thoughts and emotions.

Highly intellectual people are said to have a bright yellow mental body.

Usually this layer varies between yellow and orange tones depending on our challenges on a mental level.

4. The astral body

They say that it is tied to the physical body by a silver cord, and reflects our higher desires and our spiritual advancement.

This is the layer that connects us with the deepest part of our being and the highest that human beings can reach.

Many are those who indicate that it can detach itself from the physical body and transport itself freely in the so-called astral projections.

It is also linked in part to our willpower and depending on how strong it is, it can vary in shades of pink or mix multiple shades.

5. The spiritual body

It is one that encompasses the aspects of connection and communication with others, with ourselves and with our higher purpose.

The way we are and how we let others perceive us is reflected in this body.

6. The greater or celestial body

It is the connection between our human consciousness and the spiritual plane. This layer of the aura reflects our dreams and memories of other lives, and the way we keep them.

7. The divine body

It is the connection to the higher plane and divine wisdom, and can be manifested in bright golden light and ray.

It is said that this layer can be blocked or darkened if the person strays from his higher purpose and his spiritual path.

What is the Spiritual Aura that is reflected in a healthy or clear way?

Many times, mediums and people capable of spiritually communicating and perceiving each other's aura, say that there are healthy auras, those that have vibrant tones and reflect pure and sincere emotions.

All of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences are reflected in the aura, as is the energy we attract from our environment, so vibrant colors are better perceived.

Therefore, we must know that the aura reflects our energy and attracts energy from other bodies and environments. If our energy is positive and clear, it will attract those same characteristics to us.

How can we transform our aura?

The aura is vibration and as such it responds to other vibrations. Therefore our interaction with other energies that may be strong, weak, positive or negative, affect and shape the vibration of our spiritual aura.

We must know that the spiritual aura changes and evolves and because it is dark once, it does not mean that it cannot be clear and vibrant again.

Its transformation will have to do with the people around us and their influence, with our personal and spiritual evolution, and with the environment in which we operate.

In addition, there are visualization exercises and purification rituals that can help us clarify our spiritual aura.

Let positive influences flow into our life to enhance our aura

The color or colors of the aura count if it is "healthy" and say a lot about the person.

They speak of your intentions and your essence and reflect qualities, characteristics and inner energy. A vibrant aura is synonymous with a good soul, sincere intentions, and strong wills.

Depending on how "healthy" and strong our aura is, we will attract this or that from the environment and other people. Stronger, lighter and purer energies will attract similar ones and will reject darker or denser ones.

That is why we must always surround ourselves with positive influences that enhance the beautiful colors of our aura. Everything that fills us with hatred, resentment or sadness, we must remove it from our life.

If you say that, with a lot of practice, you can get to see a person's aura.

There are also Kirlian machines, which portray the aura of people and objects and are frequently used to "diagnose" the person, according to the colors that appear in their photo.

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