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What is Spiritism? Connection with the soul of the deceased

What is spiritism

Communication with the soul of the deceased, of those who have already left the earthly plane, is common today in many beliefs. The same thing happens with reincarnation and the different lives that a soul can have.

The fact is that we can't settle when we lose a loved one and so we try to do whatever it takes to hear from him again.

Thus, under these precepts and desires, the spiritualism, as a doctrine originated in France in the mid-nineteenth century, whose greatest exponent has been Allan Kardec and who established as principles the immortality of the soul, devotion to spirits and their relationships with men.

Moral laws, the present life, the future life and the future of humanity were also included, according to the teaching of higher spirits communicated through various mediums.

Principles of spiritism adopted in the Caribbean

El Kardecian spiritism It also arrived in Cuba in colonial times, through the French who moved to the island.

Thus, rituals based on principles such as the existence and uniqueness of God as the first intelligent cause, the belief in spirits, individual beings created by God, who are the intelligent beings of creation and populate the Universe outside the material world, were adopted here.

And spiritual communicability (mediumship) from which the human being can communicate with spirits through a medium.

El spiritualism He also put into vogue the concept of Reincarnation as the natural process that allows the spirit to reincarnate as a human in order to evolve and the plurality of worlds habitatwo that refers that the Earth is not the only planet with life in the universe.

The cult of spirits

In America, the spiritualism it expanded in a current that tries to stay faithful to Kardec's initial project and another that was included in expressions of religious origin.

And although both expressions have points in common such as spiritual communication and reincarnation, the truth is that their developments, projects and reasoning are different, although not contradictory.

For example, in Cuba, Kardecian spiritism it was lost and spiritualism joined the Afro-Cuban religious expressions.

The veneration of the eggun or spirits in the Rule of Ocha, is based on the energy and connection with these sacred beings that intervene in people's lives and that help the mortal to project and achieve objectives, goals and aspirations.

Therefore, vaults and spiritual masses are dedicated to them, spiritualistic rituals that show the crossed spiritism that is practiced in Cuba.

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