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What is the Iré and Osogbo? The sentence of good and evil

I will go and osogbo in ifá

In the Osha Rule Ogbe fun funlo is often quoted as saying:

"I will go he was the only one osogbo that he did not make ebbó and that is why he died. " "osogbo It is the only iré that ebbó made and that is why it is stronger and more durable.

Hence it follows that in the Rule of Osha-Ifá it is called I will go to the good, to what comes with luck, to the lucky.

But since there is no action without reaction, we should not trust ourselves because when it gives I will go, it is because the osogbo it is all around us and it can bring evil. A divine balance between good and evil.

When someone says "I have tremendous osogbo"Whether you are a devotee or not, we always understand that you are dealing with problems or difficult situations in a row. However, its exact meaning changes a bit and that is why there is a lot of controversy revolving around both terms in the Yoruba religion.

Osogbo, how bad is coming

El osogbo It is, therefore, the bad thing that we have on top, what is coming or what may happen to us. It is envy, betrayal, tragedy, loss, disease, and death.

However, the osogbo It alerts us to pay more attention to avoid problems, it is the one that maintains the perfect balance of our energies.

I mean, the osogbo It does not indicate that it is wrong at the moment, on the contrary, when the consulted sees him osogbo It is because at that time it is well and said osogbo is looming.

I will go, the good that comes

So when in a spiritual consultation you see I will go It is because the devotee was bad at that time and the good or the end of the problems is coming.

El I will go It is given to the consulted person based on his post-consultation attitude. In other words, if you follow the advice and instructions, it will be effective and so will your luck. Therefore, we should not trust in an iré and neither feel defeated if we get Osogbo.

El I will go represents good things, positive energy, luck, love, health in the future. But we must know that if I will go out in a consultation it is because the Osogbo is around us and can find us at any time bringing problems and difficulties, we should not trust ourselves and follow the sacred word and advice of the orishas.

The priests recommend some solutions for these Iré or Osogbo such as:

  • Orunmila lowa- Lean back to Orunmila's councils.
  • Osha lowa- Lean back to the advice of the Orishas.
  • Orisha lowa- Lean back to the councils of the deities.
  • Kabedona Orunmila- Receive Orunmila.
  • Kabedona Osha- Receive Orishas.
  • Onishé ebbó- Make ebbó.
  • Onishé ebbó misi misi- Baths with eyebale (sacrifice).
  • Onishé paraldo- To scare away bad Iku or Eggun.
  • Onishé sarayeye- Cleanse the body.
  • Onishé obori eleda- Beg the head.
  • Onishé ala addimú- Make presents that cover the tureen.
  • Onishé bebikan tuto- Put fresh things to the Orishas or to the eggun who asks for it.

Remember that innocence does not pay, that is why it is said that "he who knows does not pay the same as he who does not know."

If you went to consult and your Orishas told you what to do, your responsibility and commitment out of respect is to follow the advice, otherwise, face the consequences, because the word of the deities is always fair, correct and sacred.

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