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What is Itá in the Yoruba Religion?

What is itá in the Yoruba religion

The word of the gods, of the Orishas, ​​is reflected as a Ita when the divination ceremony is performed. It will also constitute a guideline by which the devotee should abide to face difficulties and avoid problems.

What does Itá mean?

Ita, the Yorubas gave it the connotation and meaning of the Spanish word "sentence", because it is the design of the Oracle, the one that transmits the response of the gods.

Thus, Ita It is the sentence or will of the gods towards their followers, which will respond to their needs and will be the guide for the situations that arise.

Itá, the will of the Gods

The analysis of the Oracles and the Ita resulting is extremely important in santera practice or yoruba religion, as it represents the highest Orisha wisdom.

This happens on the third day of the consecration, and our Guardian Angel will be the advisor who will send us warnings, advice and prohibitions so that we can reach our destiny with balance and well-being.

The guardian angel, in fact, is the rector of the Ita decreed by the Orishas.

Itá notebook

In the ceremony from which the Ita, the present, past and future of the initiate (Iyawó) are indicated in the Rule of Ocha. The Orishas speak through the different oracles, usually the Diloggún snails that will indicate the symbols of destiny.

This is reflected in Itá's notebook, an element extended and used by the initiates that should reflect their life from the beginning until their departure to the world of Ara Onú (the land of the Dead).

There are written the indications for the devotee to balance his life and harmonize his spiritual energy with the environment. In addition, the ways of communicating with Eggunes, with the Orishas and other consecrations of faith are established.

Importance of Itá for the religious

The Itá is an important and valuable reference that will be of use to the religious for a lifetime, thus achieving, through the advice indicated by the Orishas, ​​the balance and growth of their spiritual being.

In addition, certain ways of relating to the Egguns and Orishas are recorded in this Itá notebook, therefore, the religious must know how to interpret each particular prediction of their letter (Oddun).

The notebook is a sacred and personal element, which the person must study and understand in a deep way, to correctly understand the Orishas guide for our life.

Search, inquire and document yourself about their Odduns, and the relationship with their Patakíes, through the Yoruba legend you can discover great teachings and ancestral reflections.  

In Itá's notebook is our salvation, keep it and do not allow anyone to read it, any doubt should consult with your elders, so that they can guide and advise you.

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