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What is the Osogbo? The only Iré that Ebbó made

What is osogbo

La yoruba religion verse:

"I will go was the only one osogbo that he did not make ebbó and that is why he died ”.


"Osogbo is the only iré that ebbó made and that is why it is stronger and more durable."

That is why it is said in the Rule of Osha-Ifá that both terms intertwine and that, although Iré means good and positive situations, the osogbo, which involves the complications of life.

And it is that we are energy and in the universe we live in constant balance and imbalance, it is part of our existence to live between good and evil.

It is usual to hear this term and relate it to misfortunes and disasters, referring mainly to someone who is facing problems or negative situations in life.

What does Osogbo mean in Santeria?

It is a negative environment of the person's past, present or future, that is, an evil that the person being consulted had, has or is going to have.

osogbo, is in itself, the opposite of Iré (good energy) and is determined in the consultation of the person.

Our elders always say that we all live in osogbo because life itself in community is a constant spiral of envy, intrigue, betrayal and tragedy, so we must always do ebbó (cleaning) when the Orishas mark it, in this way we clean our way .

The Oracles and the consultation of the Orishas

When one is consulted (asking the Orishas about our destiny through the Oracles) the osogbo is presented as an evil spiritual environment, that is, it is marked that we have or will have a negative charge.

The consultation helps the person align with the will of the Orishas, ​​so we should not worry when we get this warning, because the Yoruba oracles not only speak, they also solve, heal and tell us how we should act so that our destiny is better and balanced.

Even the Osogbo can be seen as a good sentence, because it is a warning that saves us and tells us how to solve the situation, while in Iré we trust ourselves and are not prepared to face the dangers that lie ahead.

Also, even if it comes out in a consultation, it should be asked who is being talked about, since it may not be with the consulted person and is really intended for the babalawo himself or another person present.

Osogbo types

As we explained before, the osogbo that comes out in a consultation is a negative situation in our life, it can be illness, lawsuit, tragedies, and it is not only in the present, but also in the past or the future.

These are the types of Osogbos that can appear in a query:

  • iku: death
  • eye or anus: disease
  • iña: discussion, fight
  • ofo: loss, sudden disturbance
  • arayé: by bad people, evil eyes
  • achelú: by the police
  • hey: tragedy
  • ona: vicissitudes, disorders, stumbling, whipping, punishment
  • akobbá: revolution
  • fitiwó: sudden death

I will go and Osogbo, the mandate of the Orishas

It is always good to clarify the difference and what they imply osogbo and I will go. The fact is that Iré is the good thing, the luck, the lucky thing, but when Iré comes out, it is because the saint is seeing the osogbo above or around us.

When you see osogbo, it is because it really is I will, and said osogbo looms ahead and so it is also interpreted the other way around.

And that is why it is so important to make ebbó, because cleaning saves us when the Orisha marks it, so that the osogbo it does not reach us and we can calmly continue our path in life, in balance and well-being with our deities.

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