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What is Irunmole? The rise of the Orisha

irunmole yoruba

The term irunmole, may create some confusion for those who are not practitioners of the yoruba religion. And it is that these beliefs really include a complex hierarchy between the different deities and their actions in the world and for their creation.

Although many scholars indicate that some important parts of the Yoruba legend have been lost over the years and therefore there is little data about the word irunmole.

The term encompasses a natural energy, a irunmole It is a combination of three words: IRUN (celestial beings), MO (knowledge), ILE (earth), which would mean "celestial beings with great knowledge that visit the earth."

irunmole In Yoruba, it is a supreme energy, seen as the power of Nature, and the divine essence of things.

Irunmole, the legend yoruba

It is said that these beings were the intermediaries between Olodumare and humans and could take different forms.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. irunmoles They are recognized as celestial beings according to the Ifá legend and are members of the community in heaven. At the beginning of life, the myth relates, 401 of them came to Earth, consisting of 400 males and 1 female, who is thought to be the Orisha Oshun.

It is said that, of the irunmoles On Earth, only a few stood out for their actions and courage and it is they today known as the Orishas that are revered in the Yoruba religion.

Irunmoles, his presence on Earth

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. irunmoles they are manifestations of nature and can maintain a physical or spiritual presence. Sometimes they take the appearance of a human being, according to the Ifá legend, and other times they can be between animate or inanimate substances, even incorporeal.

Ifá tells that Olofin was the first and the greatest IRUNMÒLE, the creator of the universe and everything that surrounds us. Then Olokun and Olorun emerged, and the three were known as IRUNMÒLE NLA.

Other characteristics of Irunmoles:

  • They are not considered Guardian Angels to crown them when a person "becomes a Saint."
  • They are not human beings, they are nature spirits.
  • They were the first beings sent into the world.
  • They are intermediaries between the Supreme God Olodumare and humans.

Are the Irunmoles and the Orishas the same?

The Irunmoles are manifestations, spirits, natural forces, divine powers, celestial beings with such an abstract and universal description that it is incomprehensible to the human being.

Understanding the Irunmoles as spirits of energy and light, the Orisha is that divine being who achieved, by natural abilities that distinguished him, develop, transform and achieve the necessary energy to rise to the earthly plane. In other words, the Orishas come from the Irunmoles.

Irunmoles recognized for worshiping and worshiping:

As we mentioned before, the Irunmoles are 401, but we will mention some of the most representative:

IrunmolesSpace of the universe that governs
AbataOf the swamps, in nature it is the majá.
AgganaThe rain.
Agba LodeThe infinite space.
AñaPercussion music, spirit that habita on batá drums.
EgbeStagnant waters, aqueducts and water in jars.
ElusuThe sand.
YesThe protection.
fride String music.
IkokoAquatic plants.
irawóThe planets.
PeopleThe lakes.
BanditThe gaps.
DareThe falls and waterfalls.
pooloThe music of winds.

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