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What is the Cascarilla in Santeria and what is it for? What you should know

what is the cascarilla and what is it for

I remember that some time ago, I had one of those days when, as they say in good Cuban, "Nothing works out".

A friend told me then, "Girl, lie down cascarilla to drive away that negative energy ".

My friend is not a practitioner of the Yoruba religion, she is just one more Cuban who, like all of us, imbues ourselves with the syncretism of an Afro-Cuban culture that accompanies usaña in all areas of our life.

La cascarillaIt has been used in magical and religious rituals since ancient times and is an element that is always present in the rituals of the Yoruba religion, well known to Cubans. It is a strong purifying cleanser.

How do you prepare the sacred cascarilla egg?

cascarilla Santeria, what is it for?
Cascarilla made with eggshells

The elaboration of this element religious is made on the basis of powdered eggshells, mixed with holy water.

Its preparation involves songs and prayers as it is closely related to the white orisha Obatala, due to its whiteness and purity.

Through it, spiritual and mental clarity is achieved to trace all the signs of special consecrations that the babalaos.

La cascarilla, It is considered as the purest element that exists and it is the one that allows the strokes to reach the deity to which they are paying tribute.

For this reason it is used to delimit the spaces where some important consecration will take place.

How does la cascarilla gives us protection as an element of blessings?

La cascarilla, symbolizes the protection of the home, of a specific space, or of a person and can be used in the form of stone or powder, to spread on a door, or dissolved to give a protective bath.

This religious element helps chase away bad vibes and malefic spirits and to draw circles and sacred symbols in religious rituals.

Can be hidden under rugs of the main doors of houses and offices, to avoid that bad energies, entities or people, penetrate that space.

When a person feels depressed, anxious and not sleeping well, you should use cascarilla and put it in a large bucket filled with water. B.añaDrinking with that water can be a remedy to eliminate bad vibes.

What is the cascarilla Cuban?

La cascarilla, as we know it in Cuba, it is a powerful ritual element that is currently sold and distributed in many parts of the world where santeros cults have arrived.

  • It is used in baths, offal and spiritual cleansing.
  • With it, sacred allegorical symbols are painted in religious rites and cults.
  • Drive away bad vibes and evil spirits.
  • Protection lines are outlined in homes and jobs (some visible and others not) to prevent negative forces from entering that site.
  • They are often worn as an amulet to counter evil and attract peace and tranquility.
  • At egguns (spirits) are attended to in each ritual with her.
  • In the tureen of obbatala they usually get 1, 4 or 8 cascarillas, according to the Orisha.
  • In many cases it is mixed with paint and the walls are painted to protect the place.
  • It is blown behind people who are in fights to calm down and reassure them.
  • When dark energies are felt that surround a place, it is also blown cascarilla.

La cascarilla and bad religious practices:

Today we must take a good look at whether a cascarilla It is true or not, because unscrupulously many invent their way of doing it to earn money in an inappropriate way.

IMPORTANT to NOT buy cascarilla false or poorly made:

If you see that the cascarilla It is hard, yellowish and does not paint, that is "False"; the cascarilla good is coconut white, easy to powder and paints very well on surfaces.

The components used when making the cascarilla They have a great religious significance, the shell of the egg represents life and the water that it carries is blessed by God.

All the elements when making the cascarilla they must be consecrated and blessed properly because that is where their efficacy lies in providing protection.

  • Below we leave some of the rituals with cascarilla that you can do, along with a video about its importance in Osha.

Some tips and rituals with the cascarilla what you should know:

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