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What is Manteca de Corojo? Attention and worship to the Orisha

What is corojo butter

In countless offerings to the Orishas and in innumerable Yoruba ceremonies we hear mention as one of the fundamental elements to the corojo butter, from the African palm Elaeis guineensis, a sacred tree known as the Tree of Life.

But ... Where does corojo butter come from in Cuba?

Due to Cuban and African syncretism, this important element began to be made on the island from a palm called Acrocomia Crispa, originally from Cuba and that produces this type of orange fruit.

These fruits come in a large cluster called mata de ikines, and are similar to grapes, but much larger.

From them the corojo butter consumed by all the orishas, ​​except Obatalá. It is a strong yellow substance, a greasy cream of great importance in the worship of African deities.

Epo, its use in the Yoruba cult

Legends tell that Elegguá, Ogún, Oshosí, Shangó, Babalú Ayé and Oyá, they are always spread corojo butter also known as epo. It is used as an ingredient for certain addimus (offerings) that are offered to them and for their cleanliness and well-being.

In the cult of the Santeria It is an essential element, it can also be used to clean the components of altars and to rub it on the otas (stones) and snails.

For the santeros the corojo butter In religious ceremonies it is essential to ask for help from the Orishas, ​​among its benefits it allows to open roads, get work, money and love and also helps to weaken the will of enemies and sweeten couples.

El epo cleanses negativity and is a main ingredient to prepare Omieros. One of its most common uses in religious rituals is to anoint it on a candle.

Una butter with all kinds of uses

So important is the corojo butter in the Yoruba religion, that the representations of some deities must always be covered with it, as well as their offerings.

It also has important medicinal uses, as it relieves bruises, is a natural healing agent and strengthens the hair follicle. In addition, it is a great moisturizer for dry skin.

Corojo butter, what is it used for in Santeria?

Within the practices of Santeria, corojo butter cannot be missing among those ingredients to perform works, ceremonies and rituals, some of its most common uses are:

  • In rituals it is used to attract luck and love, provides protection and opens the way.
  • It is used to clean the Warriors (Eleguá, Oggún and Oshosi)
  • The offerings (addimú), such as fruits and other elements, are smeared with this butter.
  • Altars and religious elements are cleaned and purified.
  • It is food for the orishas in some offerings and works.
  • It is spread in otanes and snails.

Corojo butter is a sacred and ancestral element, its uses are varied and the results it offers are magical.

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