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What is the Eggun Tile? The corner of the dead

Eggun tile

Attention to the spirits of the deceased is one of the main elements of the Afro-Cuban religion.

The worship and devotion to the ancestors helps us to establish balance and well-being on the earthly plane. They are asked for their support in maintaining a peaceful and secure existence.

Attention to egguns or spirits of the dead, emerged as a syncretic element in colonial times, resulting from the spiritist masses of the time.

Thus, one of the consecration elements of the Afro-Cuban religion is the Eggun tile.

What is La Teja de Eggún like?

This object possessing great spiritual mysteries, is itself a clay tile with sacred signs of Ifá prepared by a Babalawo, from which the Egguns (dead, ancestors and ancestors) are invoked.

The tile must always carry at its side a Pagugú, a staff that symbolizes Egguns and is loaded inside, with which messages are sent to the dead.   

The corner dedicated to Egguns is sacred, therefore, not any space can be dedicated to it, the tile must be placed outside the house, only when the person does not have a suitable place to place it could it be placed inside it, for example, under a sink.

The corner of the dead: significance and powers

Eggun's Tile, also known as the «The corner of the dead» is a receptacle of power where the energies of the ancestors converge.

She allows to give attention to the deceased and to maintain adequate communication with them through attention, prayers, offerings and sacrifices.

This element will promote a link between the earthly and the spiritual plane to maintain harmony and that the Egguns provide their help in difficult life situations.

In the Eggun tile Every practitioner of the Yoruba religion worships their ancestors and venerates them in a systematic and permanent way.

Eggun tile, first care for the deceased

So strong is the role of care for the deceased in the Rule of Ocha, that the eggun tile It is the most important element of consecration for all Yoruba.

Within the religion we have a saying that says: "Iku Lobi Osha" or "The Dead stop the Saint", which implies that there is first attention to the dead and then to the Orishas.

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Comments (27)

Hello, blessings I have my spiritual vault and my tile with its symbol that is being erased is consecrated by a babalao but I don't have a patio where I have it I have it in a corner of the portal but it splashes when it rains


Yosley blessings, no matter what gets splashed, keep tending to her like you usually do.
But I recommend you put a roof or something so that the signature does not continue to be erased, a hug.


Hi, blessings, I'm Lin. I have my eggun tile in a separate avitation with my saints under a table since I have no other place inside or outside the house. Can I leave it where I have it? thanks and ashe


Lin blessings, the Eggún Tile should not be inside the house, but if this place is the only one where you can have it and it has not given you problems, your Eggún also know your situation and that you do it with respect, but as soon as you can find another place. Greetings


Hello, what is the difference between La Teja del Muerto and a Vault? Can both be served?


Jesus blessings, both can be served, but they are served in different ways.
Here are 2 links on this topic:

The tile:
The vault:


What happens if by accident my tile falls and breaks what should I do and where should I put the broken tile and can I get another tile?


Miriam, if her Egguns tile breaks, she must go to her godfather and if she does not have one, then she must go to the foot of Orunmila through a Babalawo. She will tell Ifa what to do with her broken tile. A hug and blessings.


Hello good day, a question I have my eggun tile but it does not have the symbols, they only fed it and I have it with its offerings, is there a problem?


Blessings Cristian, the Eggun tile should bear the signs, but if it doesn't already have them, things are going well for you, that's another matter.
In any case, consult your godfather or Babalawo about your concern.
A abrazo.


My godfather died and I am like Christian I don't trust anyone just the protection signature of my eggun

Hello, I received a hand from orula, elekes and a tile from eggun, they didn't give me that cane you mention, I don't have a place outside my house because it gets wet and I have it under the stairs of my house, I can leave it there or I put it down inside the sink cabinet? They also did not tell me how they are treated and how to communicate with them, can you guide me please.


Athena blessings, Eggun's staff is not necessarily given to him when he receives the tile. She must ask her godfather or Babalawo about the items that are necessary and when she is ready she can tell him that she wants to have it.
The tile can stay under the stairs.

Below we share some links with more information, greetings to you.

To serve the Teja:
Attentions to the Eggun:


Hi good morning,

I hope everybody is fine. With all due respect to my elders, I settled in the United States and because of life issues, I no longer have a home for a saint or an Ifa. And talking to a crumb that lives in Cuba about this issue of the eggun tile, I asked him if I could get one in Cuba and that I could put the signs here and take care of it, which he said yes. Is this true?



Good morning Yuriana
The Egguns Tile must be given to you by a Babalawo, who after he consecrates it with its corresponding signs then you must attend to it and take it to where it resides.
Only an Awo Orunmila is authorized to write the signs he bears. Blessings for you.


I would like to know if to receive the eggun tile you first have to have the prime hand? First of all, Thanks


Luis blessings, you can receive the Teja de Egguns without having received the hand of Orula, if that is what you mean, greetings to you


Ashe for me cuba I crowned a saint in his beautiful cuba 10 years ago and I would like him to publish works for prosperity with Oshun holy that I have crowned


Catalina ashé for you, thank you very much for your nice comment, we send you the links of works with our beloved Oshún, we hope you like it.

We invite you to subscribe by mail ( to receive our new items: Blessings


Good morning I have a tile, I have asked for it and this is going badly worse than I was and I would like to give you a way how I can do it or where I have to take them. Thank you


Sandra good morning, we recommend you consult and ask the person who consecrated the tile, in religion we must be careful, no one will be able to tell you what to do, only the orishas, ​​blessings.


I really like everything well explained


Thank you very much Rafael for leaving this comment, greetings and blessings.


Hello, I do not have the eggun tile, I do not have much knowledge about the tile, I would like to have one that I can do and it is very interesting what I read about the eggun tile and the signs. everything


Jorge thank you very much for commenting, for this you must consult to guide you. Blessings.


Hello, good morning, I would like to ask you something, I have my eggun tile but for two years I have not fed it every day in the morningañaNa when I get up I rinse my mouth and I go to say hello, to ask for the blessing and tell them my problems so they can help me but I can't see results for my requests or my problems, is it because I don't have a cane and I greet them with a stick of wood that I have for years placed next to it with an old guano hat and a red ribbon and it is not loaded, please answer me and tell me what I can do, thank you very much, blessings


Ismara thank you very much for your comment, we really don't think it's because of the cane. In these cases it is very difficult to say exactly what is happening, I recommend you go and consult so that your Eggun can speak and tell you what they wish, blessings, I hope everything is successful.

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