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What is the most important thing in your live? Work to Obátala for health.

The immensity of the little things.

"Everything that born dies"... this is our destiny, but sometimes we don't calculate the true value of being alive and enjoying those "little things" that are the greatest and truest, savoring each word, breath, gestures, hugs, kisses.

And even so we must face that some think they are better than others, for envy to grow around us, for values ​​to be lost in our blessed religion or for many to believe that they will live forever and take away everything they have on earth, when in fact we only carry what Olofin determines.

Ashé pa 'la Osha. Ashé for you.

Health: wealth that we only appreciate when it is lost.

Health is the most essential thing in our lifeWithout it we have absolutely nothing, we are nobody and for nobody we can do anything.

To Baba Obatala put a tower of meringue on it spreading small pieces of cocoa butter on it, and on top a white flag to be victorious.

At 24 days take her to a mountainaña and deposit it.

This meringue castle stabilizes health, but be careful, remember that without faith nothing works.

Blessings and good health to all. 

The Family: Priceless Treasure

Tips from this humble servant:

Enjoy your family as much as you can, choose a path like Eleggua and walk in it with strength and determination as Oggún and Shango.

Choose healthy hearts, leave behind hatred and envy.

Go forgiving as Yemaya, take advantage of your time to enjoy the ones you love and love you, be patient as Obatala, dream a lot but high and far and trust that you will arrive.

Laugh like Oshun and that the blessing of Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare always reach us abures. 

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