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What is an Adimú? The offering dedicated to the Orisha

What is adimú

At Orishas We give them their favorite offerings, to show them loyalty and devotion, to thank them for their blessings, and to implore their protection from all evil.

They are known as Addimu to the offerings for the Orishas and can be dedicated solely to the deity or made to share with the adepts present at a ceremony.

Addimú or offerings to the saints They include fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, and animals, each dedicated to reverence a specific Orisha.

The deities are fed as an expression of the believer's love and as a way of establishing full communication.

Offerings and ritual meals

To know about AddimuIt should be taken into account that as in every religion, there are ritual foods and taboo foods.

In addition, each Orisha has a preference for certain foods and offering others can represent a serious offense.

Let us also remember that, as part of the immense process of transculturation and syncretism of African culture and religion in Cuba, many of the ingredients of the Addimu for the Orishas they had to be transformed and merged and thus, the recipes have been transmitted with slight changes from generation to generation.

Thus and as Don Fernando Ortiz raised:

"The ceiba replaced the baobab, tobacco incense, brandy and corn were incorporated. The deer replaced the antelope, the aura the vulture ”.

Addimú, food and veneration

Addimú or the offering to the Orisha, It is a way of paying tribute by offering the food of your choice to the deity, so some of them include ingredients not suitable for human consumption, which must be incorporated during the preparation of the portion for the Orisha, if the offering is destined to be shared also between devotees.

Food offerings are a magical communication method between the individual and the Orisha and include seasonings such as ginger, nutmeg, pepper, as well as other elements such as hot chili, cachucha pepper, tomatoes, corn, and ginger. , beans and okra, all together with plants and some vines that represent the attributes of the Orisha.

The cooking of the food is also extremely important so that the offering pleases the Orisha.

Some of the most popular dishes for the Orishas are:

  • Rice with vegetables
  • Guava hulls
  • Light corn funche
  • Pineapple stuffed with steer meat
  • Yurumú or Yurumunú    
  • Rice with okra
  • Sautéed and fried sweet potatoes
  • Pork with sweet potato
  • Goat with pepper
  • Creole soup
  • Rice with Shrimp and Obi
  • Yam tie
  • Chicken to the piece
  • Dried sweet potato
  • Strong Adié broth     
  • Canistel sweet in syrup and honey
  • Yaloddle chicken
  • ochichin
  • Swiss chard soup
  • Plantain tostones
  • Yolk
  • Charcoal roasted guinea
  • Soursop Levers
  • Flour soup with okra   

Giving an offering to an Orisha is not a commercial exchange, sometimes we think that it is a gift that is given to receive something in return.

We must thank our Saints every day for their blessings, and “addimú” is one of the many ways we have to offer our gratitude.

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