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What is Dispossession in Santeria and how is it done? Sacred cleansings

What is a spoil

Dispossession It is an extremely popular word in Cuba today. Even, it is no longer pronounced only for religious purposes or only by devotees of the Yoruba religion and practitioners of Santeria.

What Cuban does not send someone who suffers from many problems in a row, to get a dispossession, if possible in Guanabacoa?

 And the fact is that this phrase is so identifying of the Cuban that people no longer even give it its correct meaning.

For Cubans, a dispossession it simply defines the end of problems, but not everyone really knows the great significance of that word in Yoruba practice.

The spoils: bath or ritual whipping that purifies

In the cuban santeria, the dispossession, as a ritual bath or whip that serves to spiritually cleanse a person, always taking into account that it must be done in chosen places and with herbs indicated for it.

The remains Their main objective is to scare away evil spirits and charge people with positive energy so that they can overcome difficult life situations.

How is a Dispossession carried out?

It is done in two ways:

  • The grass can be passed over the person's body and the different places are flogged with them, or
  • he can be immersed in a bath and flogged.

It is necessary that the one who carries out the dispossession be really prepared to do it, as it is a highly spiritual and complicated process.

These cleanings should be suggested by godmothers or godfathers after a consultation.

In addition, we must be clear that there are herbs that, instead of benefiting, can harm those who use them.

Thereforedispossession It should not be done on your own inspiration without expert help.

Main herbs used in offal:

About the herbs or ewes that are used to make remainsIt should be known that not all of them are good for all people, hence the need for a spiritual consultation before going through this process.

These are some of the main ewes for remains:

  • Basil
  • Gardenia
  • Ruda
  • Nettle
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • apasote

The energy of nature through plants cleanses us, heals us and saves us.

The spirituality that they are capable of transmitting is magical, knowing the plants that do us good and that help us achieve good balance and well-being in our lives is fundamental.

Some powerful offal and cleanings that purify and cleanse energies:

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