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What is a Spirit Vault and when to mount it? Sacred attentions

What is a spiritual vault

What religion does not give a primary place to the care of the ancestors?

The respect and care of the family are directed to them, since it has always been said that they are the deceased, the protectors of those who continue their path along the path of life.

Therefore, yoruba religion also enhances the attention to eggunes or deceased. Dedicating offerings to them and paying homage to them is one of its essential precepts.

Until now, the best known resource to render the well-deserved worship of the deceased is the spiritual vault, consisting of a table, with a white tablecloth and glasses full of water.

Each vase represents a certain deceased or a spirit of devotion of the santero. Photos and images of the ancestors are also placed on it.

What are the essential features of a Spiritual vault?

Spiritual vault
A Spiritual Vault

The place in the home where the spiritual vault It will also be the center of devotion to the deceased. It is usually mounted in a clean and uncluttered part of the house, away from bathrooms and habitation

Through it, the spirits will be present in the life of the family without creating problems. On the contrary, they offer their protection and watch over the habitabefore home.

Water in glasses or cups is a practice adopted by various religions, as they represent an element of communication with spirits.

In addition to the glasses and portraits, flowers can be placed, and the tile signed by a Babalawo.

  • The name Bóveda is typical of the Cuban religious syncretism and it was adopted by the crypts of the churches, called vaults to bury the dead. They were sacred places and places of worship.

Importance of the Spiritual Vault as a religious element

La spiritual vault It serves as a receptacle for the energy accumulated by the ancestors and that power can be invoked by whoever installs it for their own benefit or that of those close to them.

It is important because through it we connect with the spirits, it is a portal between two worlds, the way to connect and ensure that their advice, guides and light protect us on the earthly plane.

Each vase in the vault is dedicated to a particular deceased and the central cup is dedicated to the Great Power of God by placing a crucifix on it.

If I am religious, should I install my vault?

IMPORTANT: Not all people must install the vault, but the request must be awaited by the Eggunes themselves or the dead, through a consultation or mass.

The attentions allow the spirit to feel well-being, tranquility and that it has not been forgotten on the earthly plane. Through this space beings receive light and peace.

Different Spiritual Vault Positions

The positions of the spiritual vault there are three: Rest, Defense and Attack.

  1. En Resting Time, protection and care of the home is requested.
  2. While the defensive position protects us from harm and enemies.
  3. La attack position on the other hand, it implies that the spirits solve some problematic situation in which we are involved and fight in our favor.

We leave you a very interesting video and below some articles to learn more about the spirit world.

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