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What fruit is given to Yemayá for the Overcoming of Difficulties?

What fruit do you put in Yemayá

At the feet of Yemayá, the Universal Mother, we deliver this offering with fruit to thank and beg for her help.

She is the most loving, caring, fair, owner of the oceans and seas, so you will make this request through this addimú (offering).

The mother of all, is the warrior who saves us when things go wrong, the Yoruba queen of the salty waters in the yoruba pantheon.

We give this offering to the mother goddess, firstly, to pray for health, which is the most important thing, and also to evolve, open paths, and progress economically.

There is nothing in this world that mother Yemayá, the fertile womb of the world, does not give us, she gives us abundance and luck when we need it most, when we think we are weak because we lack strength, she gives us her hand to support us.

Offering with Pineapple dedicated to the Goddess Yemayá:

To do this work we do not need to have the orisha received, it is enough to trust her, have faith and a lot of love, that is the most important thing.

The pineapple is one of the favorite fruits of this deity and with it we will prepare this offering.

The fruit of the pineapple represents knowledge and consciousness, and rules with its crown upright and well attached.


  • A pineapple
  • 1 white plate
  • Paper boat or other material.
  • Indigo
  • molasses of caña
  • 7 guinea peppers
  • 2 candles
  • 7 cents (7 pennies each)

How do we do this adimú step by step?

  1. First you wash the pineapple and cut it lengthwise including its crown (as shown in the main photo of the article).
  2. Then you place it on the plate with delicacy and a lot of faith.
  3. You put the little boat that can be made of paper on top of the pineapple.
  4. You pour over indigo, molasses of caña which is the preferred nectar of Yemayá and 7 guinea peppers to attract luck.
  5. You deposit the addimú at the feet of Yemayá and light the 2 candles.
  6. You ask Yemayá for your blessing and you give him knowledge of what you are going to do and what you need to achieve with his blessing.
  7. You will have this addimú for 7 days and every day you must light the candles.
  8. At the end of the work you must take it to the sea with 7 cents of right.

Short prayer dedicated to Yemayá to ask her in the ritual:

I want peace in my heart! Oh! Yemayá, mermaid of the sea.

Sweet song that lulls the afflicted to sleep. Mother of the world, have mercy on us, blessed are the blessings that come from your kingdom.

My heart and soul open to receive your blessings.

Mother who protects, who supports, who takes away all pain. Mother of Orishas, ​​mother who cares and cares for her children's children.

Yemayá, your light guides my thoughts and your waters wash my head of everything bad. Ashé

May the blessing of Yemayá always pursue and protect you! 

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