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Do you know what offering is made to the Orisha Eleguá when we attend to it?

What offering is given to Eleguá

Ashé is a spiritual energy, through which everything can be possible. Eleggua He grants us, transmits to us, and guides us with that Ashe when we place faith and love in him through concrete works and rituals and comes to our aid through these.

Either through an Addimú (offerings), Ebbó Misi (baths) or Ebbó (cleanings), always with specific requests, we can make Eleguá intercede to open paths, in love, in health, away the police, change our aura, our harmony and ward off bad vibes.

We must bear in mind that many times the negative vibe that we carry is not because of anyone, that is, it is not that we are the object of witchcraft, we can be the one who collect these negative energies on the street and take it home.

The elements that should not be missing in the attention to Eleguá:

What is offered to Eleguá

To Eshú Elegguá specifically within its main ingredients that are usually used in different works we offer:

  • corojo butter,
  • smoked jutia,
  • smoked fish,
  • toasted corn,
  • tobacco and
  • schnapps.

The items mentioned above are those that are constantly being offered to you as being among your favorite foods and ingredients. So if we have the possibility and we want to serve you correctly we should always have them at home.

We also offer little Eleguá:

Other foods and items that we can offer you because they are liked by the Orisha are:

  • popcorn,
  • roasted or roasted corn on the cob,
  • honey bee,
  • white and red colored candles that represent it,
  • red and white fabrics to decorate your altar or rituals,
  • red rush for jobs to rush and channel quickly,
  • meats like yam and taro,
  • flowers like red roses,
  • fruits like guava, pineapples, apples, bananas and many more.

What does Eleguá like and accept as an offering from us?

Offerings that Eleguá likes
  1. He likes to be surrounded by fine grass and others that are to his liking for jobs in a certain use.
  2. He also likes sweets, but here you have to be careful because he is very gluttonous and entertains himself and can stop working.
  3. He loves toys, like playing balls and tops, and if you want for a job with a specific purpose in each one you put him, a boat, a car, whatever you want to be offered.
  4. He also likes coins, which represent abundance and prosperity.
  5. The incense that purifies the environment with its aroma can be used for rituals on its behalf.
  6. Oil lamps are to your liking and are very effective.
  7. He also loves to have his maraca blown to him and we say aloud everything we are going to offer him.

You just have to know that with faith and love in this prince you will stir everything you need and propose, because he will always be happy to help you and give you his great blessing. 

Remember, the amount and ostentation of the offering does not matter, but the amount of love you offer it, a simple detail like a flower if you offer it with faith, will be enough. Blessings.

Powerful Works with Eleguá that we can carry out on Mondays or the day of the week you want to attend to:

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