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What is offered to Yemayá? Offerings and prayers to the mother goddess

What is offered to Yemayá

In a beautiful dance of flow and goodness comes Yemayá, the Yoruba mother orisha that simulates the movement of the waves of the sea, it dominates the flow of fresh and salty waters, it calms them, although it also infuriates them, and over the foam it imposes its great power.

Did you know that our tears are salty like the sea, because the tears that Queen Yemayá shed became a river that ran towards the ocean?

That tears and the sea have the same flavor is not a coincidence, according to the Yoruba religion.

Being the most powerful of the Orishas, ​​Yemayá is revered as the mother and womb of all, from where we were born, and to her we owe our lives.

In the Yoruba religion it is believed that we swim within it for nine months before birth, which makes Yemayá the fertile and protective mother of the newborn.

On your day or when you want to venerate her, what is offered to Yemayá?

  • your favorite dish It is the Ochinchin de Yemayá, it is prepared with shrimp, capers, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomato and chard.
  • Fruits like watermelon or watermelon, which we can offer in the sea, as well as pineapple and coconut.
  • Homemade desserts and sweets as malarrabia (sweet potato) and caramelised coconut.
  • One drinks that the blue orisha adores is the molasses of caña.
  • Between animals offered to him mainly are those that have feathers.
  • Ladybugs (thin slices of fried plantain) with pork cracklings.
  • the eko (in Yoruba) is a corn tamale that is made wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Olele, which is beans or beans made into a paste seasoned with ginger, garlic and onion.
  • easy meals to make like the balls of cooked green plantain or yams with okra (okra).

Other tips for attending the Orisha:

The offerings to Yemayá are also related in their syncretisms, for example, in Cuba she is worshiped as the Virgencita de Regla and in Venezuela as the Virgen del Valle, for this reason, on the day of venerating her, white flowers are given to her on the shore of its salty waters. .

Making offerings to Yemayá with white roses and carnations, begging her for love, health and everything good and leaving justice in her hands, is an offering that she receives with an open heart.

  • Your day of celebration It's September 7th.

For example, when we have to take a boat trip, or we have to cross seas, it is opportune to invoke her power to protect us and give us her blessing, we can also make offerings to Yemayá so that everything goes well and we arrive calmly at our destination. destiny.

Why entertain the goddess with offerings?

Remember that by making offerings to Yemayá we are giving her thanks, and we receive gifts such as protection, fertility, love and prosperity, and above all physical and spiritual health.

But remember that we must approach with love and being fair with our requests, we cannot deceiveañaRa Yemayá, because if she recognizes that we have done wrong or lied, her punishments will be severe and inflexible, like the fury of the sea.

I pray infinite gratitude to mother Yemayá:

Yemayá, I venerate you today my beautiful mother, I adore you today Saturday, the day of the week that has been chosen to pray to you, although I know from my heart that you always listen to me.

I approach your sacred element, the fresh water that flows into the sea and the sea water that runs free and dances in the oceans, because you are the queen of all the waters of the world, be it the rivers or the sea.

You, who dominate my wisdom, motherhood, and everyone's mental health, I beg you peace for your children, your blessings come to our heads.

Thank you, mother, whose children are fish, unload all my ills as you do with your fresh waters, and that like the foam formed in the meeting of the waters of the river with those of the sea, everything negative comes to the surface, and dissipates in your power

We know that it is you, great African goddess who sustains humanity, and with your great energy you give us sacred life, thank you.

For us, your children on earth, you are the mirror of the world, we reflect on you, we follow you because we know that you are our guide and in your ways you educate us, give us wisdom and give us the best of ourselves, making us strong.

Thank you for reminding us every day of the value of life and with infinite kindness for making us see that the greatest war is the one we wage against ourselves.

From your torn breasts all the rivers of the world flowed, because you are a mother, and like the water itself, your tears also became a river that ran towards the ocean, so today the pain in our tears and the sea have the same flavor .

You always want your children close, and although sometimes you are severe to teach us, with a word of affection and advice, you soften our hearts, creating a perfect balance.

Thank you mother, because like children full of wounds, when we suffer some pain, you make us warriors.

We venerate you today with faith, we say thank you, and our infinite gratitude accompaniesañawill see the paths of life that you have given us with love, your blessing mother Yemaya.

Of the offerings for Yemayá we share some:

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