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What is asked of Eleguá and how to attend it? I pray to the Little Giant

What is asked of Eleguá

Eleguá is one of the Yoruba Deities most important of Santeria, because the little giant of the Regla de Ocha is our first protector, our guardian and spiritual consultant.

It is who, according to our merits, rewards or punishes by opening and closing the doors of happiness, love, health and prosperity.

Eleguá is the first saint who is received at the initiation of the Osha by the godparents or godmothers.

Religion requires that you always be entertained first, in addition, you must be aware of all the details that the saint likes and immense respect is kept for him.

Disobeying the rules and annoying Eleguá can make the Orisha abandon us and leave us adrift through life, being victims of difficulties and troubles.

Eleguá is also the first of the Group of Orishas Warriors, those in charge of protecting the uninitiated when they begin to travel the spiritual path.

That is why Eleguá is located behind the front door of the home, not only so that there is always the first to be greeted, but also because from that border it can protect us against the dangers of the outside world.

Attend Eleguá to ask for his blessing When to do it?

The attention to Eleguá can be when the devotee wishes, but the day in which the rituals to entertain the saint are carried out are usually on Mondays, marking the beginning of a new week.

Your attentions must be carried out from the first hours of the mañana before going out to our daily activities:

  • First we ask for Eleguá's blessing and the maraca is sounded
  • We ask that you open the paths for us and give us health, prosperity and peace.
  • We also ask the warrior to remove the bad, the difficulties and the sadness of our home and our family

How to attend Eleguá so that it works and helps us?

Fuming tobacco smoke at Elegua

To Eleguá, in his capricious and mischievous child figure, we must offer him treats and toys to make him feel happy. He likes coins, tobacco, and sweets he loves.

If you don't have EleguáSince he has not received it, he can offer to him behind the main door of the house, there he attends him by putting the offerings he wants, his candle lit, he makes his prayers and requests with faith.

It can be offered to entertain you:

  • Smoked fish, smoked jutía, and roasted corn,
  • foods such as yams, gofio balls, bread, fruits, grains, eggs, honey, and sweets,
  • drinks like brandy.

Let us always bear in mind that the main offering for Eleguá to listen to us and bless us must be faith.

Although we cannot deliver large offerings of financial value to the saint, we must always show him our devotion and speak to him from the heart, telling him everything with great sincerity.

Thus, the saint will be satisfied with our dedication and devotion and will fill us with positive spiritual energy to be able to face life and walk the roads under his protection.

To Eleguá, to attend you first:

  • Brandy is blown and tobacco smoke is blown,
  • Corojo butter is spread with our hands and a touch of honey, if we wish.
  • Next to their offerings a white candle should be placed.

At the end of the article we leave some of offerings to Eleguá, or you can click here to view them.

Recall that Eleguá likes that the name of each offering is mentioned aloud, in addition, always with respect, without cursing or demanding, so as not to show disrespectful behavior.

If we can, it is very important to attend Eleguá on Mondays.

On those occasions it is also good to put flowers and talk about everything that makes us happy and what ails us in life, so that Eleguá understands us and can then give us the best ways to solve problems and situations.

I greet Eleguá in the Yoruba language to greet him and free us from everything bad

Let us remember that Eleguá is our guide and will always show us the best path we must travel.

To speak to him, we crouched down in front of him and began by saying the following:

Omi tuto, Ona tuto, tuto laroye, tuto Ilé, Eshu Agogo, Eshu Alagguana Eshu, Moyubao Iyalocha Moyubao Iyubbona. Quincamanché. Cosi iku, cosi aro, cosi araye, for ire owo, ire oma, ire, aye, ire otowa. Ashe to iban eshu.

At the end of this prayer, which is rather an invocation to the saint to listen to us and venerate him, we can begin to mention the problems and situations that we want to solve and in which Eleguá can usually help us.

How to ask Eleguá to open the roads for us?

How to greet the orisha Eleguá
Representation of the Orisha Eleguá

To Eleguá, his requests are usually generalized, begging the saint to open the roads, and these may contain:

  • Happiness in life, and well-being in the family
  • Health, mental and body balance
  • Love, and our loving stability
  • Prosperity, a good job, and good luck
  • Material abundance and money to flow

For example, according to our need:

  • We can ask the little warrior of the Ocha for his help in matters of love also because of his closeness to Oshún, Yoruba Goddess of Love and Rivers.
  • It can help us find the path of love and even win back our other half.
  • Money is one of those things that people always need to cover the basic necessities of life and give our family good conditions.
  • Therefore, when our source of economic income is affected by bad vibes, we dedicate prayers to Eleguá for money and for him to open the paths of economic well-being.

We basically ask Eleguá for various favors that require the help of an external person.

We can always count on this saint and ask him for a favor without any inconvenience, because he is the one who accompanies us.aña and guides us when making important decisions in life.

The most important: Open the paths of life with health

Of course, the main request we make to Eleguá implies that he open up the paths of life to be able to travel through them protected by his immense powers, always in good health.

And it is that those trails and routes that we must walk throughout our lives can be dangerous and we do not have the ability to recognize which ones are best for us.

For this reason, we ask for the help of Eleguá to guide us and not abandon us on our way until we reach the destination we have outlined.

Very powerful prayer to Eleguá to open the roads and beg for his protection

  • We pray a prayer to Eleguá to open the paths of life.

Eleguá, little warrior, immense in your powers and gifts, today I am before you to evoke your incredible presence to be able to obtain success and to appease all the difficulties that are in my path or path.

Choose my Father and my guide, Lord of the Roads, I ask you to chase from me all bad influences, curses or bad vibes

I invoke you all powerful Eleguá, you who have the keys that open the doors of all that is good, so that you pour out on me the blessings that only you can fulfill.

I beg Lord of the Ocha, that you draw a good path for me and eliminate the dangerous paths that cross before me

I ask that my path is always illuminated your immense luminosity

It also allows me and everything I represent to be enlightened by the infinite vibrations of the universe.

Eleggua, I implore that my relatives and dearest people also see their paths free from anything that wants to threaten their integrity


Powerful offerings and attentions that you can offer to Eleguá:

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