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What is asked of Obatalá? I pray for light and advice from Father Yoruba

What is asked of Obatalá

To Father Orisha Obatalá, to the counselor of all his children, we ask for help, advice and guidance as if we were speaking to a parent, to accompany us along the path of life.

Obbatalá is a major Orisha. Creator of the earth and sculptor of the human being.

He is the pure deity par excellence, owner of everything white, of the head of thoughts and dreams that are born in our mind.

It is said that he is the son of Olofi and Olodumare and it was they who destined him to earth to do good and to rule as king of the planet.

As sovereign, he is merciful and a lover of peace and harmony. He governs the good conduct of the other Orishas and is even capable of appeasing his children, such as the angry Changó and Oggún, who always respect his designs.

He does not allow anyone to undress in his presence or to utter harsh, disrespectful or insulting phrases.

Your children must be very respectful and know that Obbatalá always seeks the best for them. Furthermore, it is the patron of the intellect in the yoruba pantheon.

Obatalá syncretizes with the Virgen de las Mercedes in the Santeria or Rule of Osha, patron and protector of those who have lost their freedom and those who have been treated unfairly.

Attentions to the merciful and protector Obatala

Obbatalá can interfere for people before other deities, due to his condition as Father and protector of everything on Earth.

We must know that before praying to him we must present our samples of faith, respect and devotion, so that he feels appreciated and loved, and he listens to us.

Obbatalá will always help us and advise us on the best path to take, if we are dignified and respectful and we pray to him with true faith and, above all, with honest intentions.

Some offerings and adimus that you like:

Obatalá is offered generally white addimus in the form of cooked foods, sweets and fruits as an offering in his honor.

Offerings include:

  • White rice, corn, birdseed and other grains.
  • Desserts like tower of meringue garnished with silver dragees, milk custard, and rice pudding without salt.
  • Cocoa butter, cascarilla, taro balls, and cocoa butter balls.
  • White fruits such as anones, and white pumpkins.
  • Drinks like champagne.

Fruits that feel grainy or sandy on the palate are also added, such as sugar apple, soursop, pomegranate, sapote, and so on.

And in general, any white and unsalted food is offered to you.

Let us always remember that we can put the offerings to Obbatalá on an altar dedicated to his figure, or in a quiet and clean place in the home, adorned with flowers and white candles to honor him.

We can also go to his temple, the mountainaña and there show him our devotion.

Prayers and requests to Obbatalá to have his guidance and compassion

The prayers destined for Father Obbatalá are of great importance, as they provide a connection between the deity and the devotees that will help us to implore his guidance.

This sacred and ancestral deity can help us in practically any situation, and her word and advice should always be respected for her children and faithful.

In their hands we will find the possibility of finding peace, harmony and order.

Its power can appease evil spirits and drive away the negative energy that clouds our environment, so that we can find the path of well-being again.

What do we ask of Obatalá?

Among the fundamental issues for whose solution people come to Obbatalá are:

  • To solve love problems. Obbatalá can intercede in love matters and help us to recover lost loves and overcome fights, restoring harmony in the relationship.
  • For health and safety. Father Obbatalá takes great care of his children and faithful and can help them overcome difficult life situations such as illness, danger or catastrophe. He will always give us strength to face the obstacles that the road to our destiny imposes on us. 
  • For prosperity and abundance. Problems with money are constant in this world, so many ask for Obbatalá's help to generate personal wealth through better job opportunities. The Lord of Purity will never stand idly by in the need of one of his faithful.
  • To ward off Enemies. Obbatalá will help us to ward off our enemies and any negative energy that wants to dañaus, as long as we pray to him with sincere intentions and without asking evil for anyone.
  • To open paths. In his role as counselor and protector of humanity, Obbatalá can help us when we find ourselves stuck at certain points in his life or going through a bad stage. He can free us from all those tricky paths and guide us back to the path of wellness.
  • For peace and quiet. Tranquility and peace are quintessential elements that represent Father Orisha, so he can support us on our way to achieve a peaceful and serene life, especially guiding us with clear thoughts.

A prayer to Obbatalá to achieve tranquility and the peace

Many of us would love to live peacefully, away from stress and trouble.

That is why we ask Father Obbatalá to guide us along the way so that we can find peace and live in peace.

So we pray to Obbatalá asking for tranquility

Patron of all patrons, Lord of the mountainsañayes and purity

Your mandate is in heaven, Obbatalá, father Orisha

Your joy is the hope, Orisha of all the Osha of the world

Father of all that is good, of all that is white.

I come to your person to help me with peace, in order to obtain a quiet existence

Grant me the tranquility in each step that my feet take, help me to find the tranquility to see clearly.

Everything that my eyes avoid seeing grant me the gift of the word to be able to speak with greater precision, clarifying the problems, covers my body with tranquility to ward off sadness, tensions and pressures.

Guide me to those destinations that life holds and allows peace to fly as a flag, in order to bring to each person the tranquility of your great aura of light.

Obatala please guide and protect me, remove obstacles from my path.

Give me courage to overcome my problems and bring peace and balance to my life by granting me your wisdom.

With your powers, please give me the strength to achieve peace

So be it

Some of the offerings that you can make step by step to Obatalá:

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