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What is asked of Olokun? Prayer to Olokun to ask for help

Prayer to Olokun for prosperity

Save us great orisha of the ocean!

Olokun is a deity in the Yoruba religion of Nigeria who knows the secrets of life. He represents the power and wealth of the sea and is considered the owner of all its treasures. He is often depicted as a human with a body covered in shells and starfish. He is a highly respected deity and is worshiped in Yoruba ceremonies to ask for health, balance and protection.

  • Before praying to the great Olokun, light a white or blue candle to the great protector of the depths of the ocean in the yoruba pantheon and trusting in his power, thank and ask for what you need.

Oh great Olokun, king of the deep sea and protector of hidden treasures, we humbly beg you to grant us your blessing of health, prosperity and abundance.

We know that your power is immense and your wisdom infinite. We know that your ways are mysterious and sometimes difficult to understand, but we trust in your goodness and your willingness to help us in our needs and illnesses.

We ask you to increase our material, bodily and spiritual wealth, to help us find the right path to achieve prosperity and to protect us from scarcity and poverty.

We want to be able to offer to others and contribute to the well-being of our community. We ask you to give us the wisdom and knowledge to manage our resources fairly and responsibly, and to help us cultivate gratitude and generosity in our hearts.

We thank you for your constant presence in our lives and for your unconditional love. Olokun, we humbly and gratefully ask you to bless us with prosperity and abundance (make your special request). So be it. Thanks.

How can the orisha Olokun help us in life's problems?

If you have faith, you should only ask Olokun for what you need, light a candle in your home or get close to its waters, the coast or the beach, and from there ask for help. For example, Olokun, in addition to helping us to have health and stability, can help us in various situations.

  1. financial protection: Olokun is the king of the sea and hidden treasures, so he can help us protect our financial resources and find new income opportunities.
  2. health improvement: Olokun is related to water, and this can be seen as a symbol of purification and cleanliness. Therefore, it can help us to cleanse our bodies and minds of diseases and health problems.
  3. Resolution of legal problems: Olokun acts as a defender of the unjustly accused, and can help us resolve legal and difficult situations in our lives.
  4. Improved relationships: This great orisha can help us to improve our relationships with our loved ones and in love with our partner, and to find peace and harmony in our lives.
  5. travel protection: Olokun is the protector of the depths of the sea, so he can help us have a safe and successful trip when we decide to cross the seas.
  6. business creation: Olokun is related to abundance and stability, it can provide us with success in our projects and businesses and find new opportunities.
  7. Protection against envy and bad wishes: Olokun with his great power is able to protect us from enemies, negative and malicious people.

As we see You can beg Olokun whatever you wantNo matter if your request seems complicated, put faith in it and no matter how many obstacles prevent you from moving forward, Olokun will listen to your pleas. Blessings for you.

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