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What is asked of Orula? We ask the Orisha Soothsayer for your wise advice

What is asked of Orula

To Orula or Orunmila, as a sage and benefactor of humanity of the Yoruba pantheon, we always ask for your advice and your blessing, especially before making important decisions or facing new stages in our lives.

Orula is the main prophet who was sent by Olodumare, the almighty, to Earth, to guide both Orishas and men with their powers and their immense wisdom.

Likewise, Orula was present and witnessed the moment in which the entire Universe was created by Olodumare.

Why is Orula so sacred in the Rule of Osha or Santeria?

  • Orula is the wisest Orisha, the Orisha of predictions and in the same way, she has an understanding of the past, present and future of things in the world.
  • As a fortune teller and sage, he interprets the oracles of Ifá and gives advice that cannot be ignored, but must be taken into account to avoid obstacles on our way in life.
  • It represents intelligence, cunning and wisdom and is involved in the development of other species and human beings, in births and deaths, and in secret knowledge.
  • In addition, its powers imply the support, comfort and security that wisdom provides in the face of the concerns that may arise in life.

Orula syncretizes in Santeria o Rule of Osha, with the saint of the Catholic religion Saint Francis of Assisi, a monk who spread the word of God with wisdom and exceptional intelligence

Tending to the Orisha benefactor of humanity

We must know that Orula likes the displays of respect and devotion from his children and devotees, so it is always necessary to thank him for his advice and his guidance to get ahead and count on his support.

  • His day is October 4, at which time they pay homage and offer offerings to the prophet.

To be able to thank him correctly, we must know the tastes of the Orisha soothsayer in terms of offerings and attentions, but, above all, it is important to ask our elders the best way to serve him.

Some offerings for Orula:

  • Among the addimú that are offered to include yam, which can be raw, chopped or whole and can be offered in its different presentations.
  • The grains are presented boiled or cooked, yellow rice with meat, shrimp or fish, all kinds of jams or sweets, containing almonds, cappuccinos or syrup.
  • We can also offer Orula on an altar in her honor that we place in a quiet place in our house, where we can also pray to her with great faith and confidence that her guide and her advice will lead us on the right path.
  • The flowers that we place can be red and distributed in numbers between 4, 8 or 16.

It is very important fulfill the promises made to the Orishas, ​​and to Orula, because his word never falls to the ground, and when we are advised we must fulfill it out of respect and love for the deities.

What kind of requests can we make to Orula?

Praying Orula a prayer will help us with many facets of our life, because as we explained, he is the advisor par excellence of all religious and we can invoke him through the oracles to help us find fortune, love and protection, among others. stuff.

We must pray to the great Orunmila with great faith in his powers and always trust his advice.

In fact, if we do not follow his guidance, we will be greatly affected by misfortunes and misfortunes.

So ... what is asked of Orula?

We pray to the Fortune Teller to help us on issues such as:

  • Find love. Orula can guide us in those problems associated with love, the search for our other half and the return of the partner. The fortune teller will also help us make the right decisions in this area.
  • New job opportunities. As this Orisha watches over our well-being, it will help us make our way through life and find better opportunities.
  • Economic prosperity. Orula will also advise us the best ways to obtain the long-awaited prosperity that we require so much in our lives in order to meet the needs of our family.
  • Succeed in business. If we are starting a business, it is always advisable to pray to Orula and ask for her blessing for success by following her guidance and advice.
  • To improve our health. We also pray to Orula for our health and that of those close to us, as this powerful Orisha can drive the bad energies of illness out of our way.
  • Ask for their protection. The protection of Orula is immense and very important for all its devotees, since the Orisha is the wisest and the one who can communicate to us when we are in danger. It also tells us the best way to avoid it.

To ask such an important deity as Orula for a favor, we must go to the deity in complete surrender.

Prayers can be used in any area of ​​life in which you want to be successful, as we have already seen.

Prayer to Orula to open paths and beg for her protection

Orula is the Orisha in charge of ensuring the welfare and prosperity of people, so praying for his protection will guarantee us a shield against negative energies, obstacles and difficulties.

  • We light a white candle in his name and so we pray to Orula asking for his protection and help.

Great beloved Orula, Orisha of Divination, you who guide all your faithful and keep them away from dangers, sorrows, and difficulties.

I ask you today to impose yourself against the evil that wants to affect me and to remove all the negative energy that wants to enter my home.

Orunmila, counselor and fortune teller, do not abandon me because you well know my destiny and you can help me to reach it, avoiding obstacles with the guidance of your immense wisdom.

I beg you with all my heart, Great Sage Orisha, to shower your blessing and protection on me, so that no evil force can touch my soul and no danger causes harm to me or mine.

Take me on a good path, and do not allow any stone to collide with the destiny that you have imposed on me.

Oh great Orula, do not abandon me, I will always walk this earth as your most faithful devotee and your humble follower.

And so I will listen to all your advice, to fulfill under your guidance, what has been written for me. Ashé

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