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What is asked of Shango? Tips to care for the Warrior

What is asked of Shango

Shango He is a warrior Osha, the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most venerated Orishas in the santero cult in Cuba, syncretized in the Catholic religion with the protector, Santa Bárbara.

He is a saint highly adored as the Orisha of justice, dance, virile strength, thunder, lightning and fire, one of the seven African powers, owner of the Batá, Wemdamientos, Ilú Batá or Bembés drums, of the dance and the music that plays on the ground.

The Orisha Shango also represents the intensity of life, masculine beauty, passion and intelligence and also symbolizes justice in all senses. It is said that he came down to Earth sent with his brother Olodumare to spread the teachings of the one God and combat injustice and disloyalty.

For his passion and impetuousness and the fierce protection he provides to his devotees, he is also one of the most revered in the Yoruba pantheon by Cubans, who ask him for prosperity, health, peace, love, protection and justice.

How to ask Shango for the Orisha to intercede for us?

To ask Shango we must take into account some of the offerings that the Orisha of Thunder likes as bananas and apples always red.

The King of the Yoruba Pantheon likes strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods and his favorite dish is cooked cornmeal placed in various presentations. He likes that his food is accompaniedañatwo with red wine, as a symbol of victory celebration.

And we must not forget that Shango is also the God of music and drums, so it is good that "the playing" and dancing are part of his religious ceremonies.

To pray to him, we must always light a candle, preferably red, and find a quiet and peaceful place when talking to him. Then we speak to him with great faith so that he will listen to us and give us his support and protection.

The best time to speak to Shango from the heart and thank him is every day, nothing better than offering gratitude daily. We also thank you for your blessings on December 4, when your day is celebrated in syncretism with Santa Barbara.

It is very important to pay tribute to the deity of thunder on that date, to please the saint and make him feel recognized and help us whenever we ask for his advice and support.

We pray to the Warrior Shango for justice and protection

We pray to Shango for justice, strength and protection against enemies. As a warrior, you are asked to give us strength to face difficult situations in life, always trusting in your guidance.

Faced with injustices, we always turn to Shango's support to fight with us for just decisions.

However, for the Yoruba King to consider us worthy of his help, we must show that we are strong in spirit, so we must pray to him without fear and with great faith and confidence in the good results.

In addition, Shango is a brother of heart with heart of Babalu Aye (okan pelú okan), the Yoruba legends say that he was the one who helped him heal from his plagues, so we also pray to Shango to intercede for the improvement of health and the end of a disease.

Original Prayer in Yoruba to the great Shango and its translation into Spanish:

Babami Shango ikawo ilemú fumi a / aya tilancha-ni nitosi 'ki ke gbamu mi re oro niglati wa ibinu ki kigbo ni na urine ati gbogbo orno nijin gbodo wi kuelu kuiko bera nitosi dilowo ikawo kaweiie mi iwo tagbe baba mi ki awa na kue ni okan nitosu ni re kunle ni iway ni okan nitosu ni kunle ni iway e / that ati wi Shango alamu oba layo ni ne He ogbeomi

My father. God of Thunder, control my house, give me the radiant salvation so that I do not take your word when I am angry, who screams in the sky and all the children down here say with great respect, to comply with control, control my house.

You remember, my father that we call you from the heart to kneel before your feet and tell you God of the Merciful Thunder King, rejoice on Earth, embrace me.

To invoke the warrior Shango we can use these sentences:

Powerful rituals dedicated to the King of Kings Shango:

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