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What is asked of Yemayá? Mother Orisha, cleanse the evils with your waters

What is asked of Yemayá

Believers go to Mother Orisha Yemayá, to speak to him as a son would to his mother, with confidence and faith that he will have the solution to any problem.

And it is that this deity is considered the Mother of all living beings, so the devotees of African religious expressions request health, love, luck and well-being, among other blessings.

  • It is syncretized with the Virgin of Regla in Cuba, and its day of celebration is September 7.

On that day, she values ​​the gratitude of her faithful and their signs of faith.

Mother Yemayá always protects us. How does she help us?

Yemayá in the Yoruba religion is represented as the protective goddess of women, especially pregnant women.

And it is that she herself is known as the mother of all the Orishas, ​​a goddess with great power and impetuous character.

Yemayá is the Goddess of the Seas of the world and is also linked to fertility, wisdom and intellect.

For his role in Santeria or Rule of Osha As the protector of women, it is common for women to evoke her name the most, although they all adore her equally.

Yemayá can offer her protection to anyone who asks for her help through prayers that seek fertility, health, love, for protection within the home and wisdom to make wise decisions.

She represents love, and takes very good care of her children as any mother would, because she has a close bond with every person in the universe.

She is a fair and patient orisha, who can intercede for her devotees before the other gods.

How can we pray to Yemayá to accompany us?

To perform any prayer, we must take into account the characteristics of the goddess, who likes the attention and gratitude of her devotees.

Yemayá is offered on her altar or place dedicated to her, objects related to the marine world, wooden figures, such as boats, anchors, etc., elaborated foods, and a great variety of fruits and flowers, mainly white roses.

In Yoruba ceremonies the animals that are sacrificed to him are rams, ducks, chickens, pigeons, partridges and geese.

  • What candle is lit in Yemayá? When you pray to her, you can light a white or blue candle, and make offerings that she worships.

What is offered to Yemayá? Some offerings to the goddess

Melon for Yemayá
In Cuba we know it as Melon, but it is also known as watermelon in other countries

Yemayá is offered one of his favorite dishes called: "Ochinchin."

This dish is made with shrimp, capers, lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomato, and chard.

He also likes:

  • The ekó (corn tamale that is wrapped in banana leaves)
  • olelé (face beans or covered beans made into a paste with ginger, garlic and onion),
  • green bananas in balls,
  • yam with okra,
  • sweet potato,
  • whole fish.

Other sweeter offerings such as:

  • Palanquetas of gofio with molasses of caña,
  • burnt coconut,
  • black sugar,
  • fruits such as melon, watermelon, pineapples, papayas, grapes, water pears, apples, oranges, and other fruits.

By clicking here you can see some of the offerings to Yemayá (but at the end of the article we also leave some).

What is done with the fruits and offerings that are placed in Yemayá?

The fruits and other foods of offerings (addimú) to the goddess water we place them in her name generally for 7 days, it depends on the type of food, since some are dañan before.

In case we see that the food does not last that period, we can take it before it gets ugly.

When this deadline is reached, we can take the fruits to the sea or to the mouth of a river.

As many of us do not have a sea near where we are located, we can also leave the offerings at the foot of a leafy tree or a forest.

It is always good to leave them close to nature, where the energy of the orisha connects with us.

What can I ask mother Yemayá?

History of Yemayá

The Prayer that we choose to dedicate to Yemayá can be done on the days that we want, especially during the mañanas or nights to thank him.

In addition to praying to him with great faith, we must look for a place where there is peace and tranquility and express our request with love, humility, faith, hope and conviction that the powers of Yemayá will help us obtain what we have asked for.

Through the Prayer to Yemayá it is sought to obtain:

Wisdom for life:

Yemayá can help us take the right path and make the right decisions in life if we consult with her, our doubts and problems.

Fertility and family unity:

The pregnant women of whom Yemayá is patron, implore the orisha to allow them to have a safe pregnancy and to provide protection for their unborn babies.

Also, as a mother, she understands the importance of staying together as a family, so we ask her for health and unity in our home.

Abundance and much prosperity:

In the Yoruba pantheon, Yemayá is the owner of marine wealth and, therefore, she is also asked to help us get out of economic crises and guide us until we achieve prosperity and material abundance.

Female strength and protection:

As the protector of women, Yemayá offers her protection and support to women at any time of need.

Their strength can help them solve problems of various kinds.

Love in all relationships:

Many people launch a Prayer to Yemayá to help them find a partner.

Yemayá possesses the power to attract love, justice and mercy thanks to her powers as the mother of the gods, full of deep love and compassion.

Sustain life:

Yemayá is asked for strength and protection to move forward and reach our destination on the path of well-being.

Eliminate sadness:

We ask the Goddess of the Seas to put away sadness and unhappiness, because she is a very happy deity who laughs out loud and protects her children so that they do not have to cry or suffer.

Protect the home:

Yemayá is also asked for family harmony and the well-being of the home, because as a Mother, she values ​​the role of family members and relatives.

Good luck:

The Orisha of the Seas also helps us to ward off negative energy and attract good things to our path.

She washes with her waters all the bad that stalks us and cleans it, leaving only good fortune in our lives.

Health and keep away all kinds of disease:

And last but not least we must always ask for valuable health.

Many are the devotees who ask Yemayá for the health and healing of a relative, as she also cleanses and takes away illnesses and misfortunes.

Prayer to Yemayá to beg for protection and ask for your help

Because of her condition as the mother of all and Orisha who always watches over the well-being of her children, we ask for her immense protection for us and our family.

We implore Yemayá not to abandon us and to accompany us on the path of life.

How to invoke Yemayá? Thus we ask the Queen of the Seas for her protection:

Oh my Mother, Queen of the Waters, Orisha Yemayá, sovereign of the seas,

Drive away evils with your waters, cleanse our world with your sanctified habit,

My graceful matron, purify my soul and protect my progress through life,

So that I may permanently enjoy your devoted protection,

Create an armor that makes it impossible for our hostiles to march, drives away our enemies and does not allow sadness or misery to come into my life

Prevent evil from stalking me at all times, and fill my home with your blessings

Mother, powerful and beautiful queen, guide me on the path of well-being, love, health and happiness

So that the representation of the good predominates permanently, and that the evil remains under control forever.

Protect me with your maternal love and welcome me,

You who are the powerful defender and guardian of humanity,

Hear my submissive plea, what I do before you,

Greetings Yemayá, lady of the oceans

So be it

Some of the offerings that we can give to Yemayá when invoking her:

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