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Why does the Fire element appear in dreams? Know the meaning

What does it mean to dream of fire

Dreams reflect the deepest desires of the soul, sometimes warn of events that will happen so that the person involved has the option of modifying their destiny to some extent.

The content of dreams is the marker with which the aspects that are directing the present will be identified.

They act as a compass that guides the future and on multiple occasions bring evocations of the past to the subconscious, facts from which we have not yet learned what we should, for this reason they return to settle old accounts once and for all.

Do you know what it means to dream of fire?

Fire is one of the most feared natural elements, because with the same heat that creates life it is capable of destroying it.

Fire has multiple meanings in dreams:

Visualize yourself between flames without burning yourself and be at ease

With this it is interpreted as a symbol of power, this event may be announcing the arrival of a great love or work project.

If you are being burned by embers:

It is speculated that the individual is involved in gossip.

This vision can also materialize through the disappointing surprise of a betrayal from a friend.

It is believed that see yourself stoking the fire in dreams embodies the effort to achieve an enterprise.

When the person can get to feel while sleeping the heat of the fire the event is made compatible with home and family.

Dreaming that you throw yourself into a campfire:

It represents the action of revealing a secret that you have long kept deep in your heart.

The act of jumping into the flames describes the absence of fear and the need to explore new horizons.

If during sleep you throw objects into the fire:

You find yourself needing to shed bad memories and deals that are not beneficial to you.

It is valid to emphasize that, if only you watch a bonfire, you are waiting for a surprise or the right moment to carry out your plans.

When you feel cold and you are looking for fire to warm you:

The need for greater displays of affection and understanding from loved ones is being subtly expressed.

This fact reflects the desire to receive protection to suppress the insecurity of which one is a victim.

Fire also immortalizes love and passion present in lovers and in different ways in humanity that professes this feeling in different ways.

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