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Whoever seeks the truth must learn to accept it.

Learn to accept

1. Everything comes at the right time, trust.

It is not about asking your Orishas and that they quickly give you what you need, they will provide it at the appropriate time, not when you want, learn to accept your current situation, be patient and start changing the interior.

Many blaspheme and even put them in penance, each one is different and treats them in their own way, but I think that is not the right thing to do.

The relationship you maintain with your Orishas is not a trade of give and take, our Osha is one of respect and love.

Tending and pampering them is not a ticket to a bed of roses, sooner or later it will arrive, but first you will have to go through thorns that are what help you to give value to those beautiful roses in your life. 

2. The dead man tells you what you need, not what you want to hear.

It is a reality that many people who consult can engañar, but there are also others spiritually dedicated entirely to helping others with the assistance of their dead.

To the people who go to consult and want to hear what they want and ask to know exactly "where, how and when." Remember that the dead man warns, opens your eyes, gives you advice, perhaps cleansing or other spiritual work, but he is boring! Without faith he will not solve anything.

Everything you do, even if it is to raise your eyes to heaven, do it with faith and patience because what has to arrive or leave will be at the right time.

Do not force situations and be patient, accept your reality and learn from it.

3. Accept what you had to live and learn from it.

In our beautiful religion we worship one God who is Olodumare, and we have many deities that protect and help us.

Eshú, for example, is the movement, the messenger, the transformer, and on constant change, let us reflect that everything that happens to us is the result of our own actions.

When we go and consult Ifá, we must ask ourselves: what am I doing to make such a thing happen to me and what do I have to change?

We must learn to accept our reality and take charge of who we are and really seek to change our character to improve our lives and the people around us.

Abure, it is not what we want to hear, it is to listen and change, for that we are going to ask for advice. 

Remember that "The one who knows does not pay the same as the one who does not know"If you are not going to follow the advice of your Orishas, ​​it is preferable that you avoid asking what you probably already know, but do not want to accept.  

Blessings to all and may faith always be with you.

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