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Who is the mighty 7 Rays? A warrior spirit in Palo Monte

Who is 7 rays

It's Seven Rays, one of the most powerful deities of the Mayombe pantheon.

We call on this spiritual force to offer us its protection against enemies and evils and we ask for its blessings to advance successfully in our life projects.

This deity also protects and helps to consolidate love relationships.

He is also a protective spirit of women, as he is like a father who jealously cares for all his daughters, who have prayers and songs to be able to adore him.

Seven Rays is also known as:

  • Nsambi munalembe
  • nsasi
  • mukiamamuilo
  • mariwanga

In the Rule of Palo Monte, this spiritual force dominates thunder, fire and also represents all the imperfections and virtues of man and virile beauty.

Siete Rayos is defined as a very brave and fierce warrior, as a spiritual force, he is a guardian of love relationships between humans and for that he is venerated both in conflicts and fights and in ties between lovers.

In Palo's religion, his attributes are used to ask for his protection and help, as Siete Rays protects in such a way that no evil can penetrate the homes he watches over.

King and spirit, 7 Rays and their ways:

Seven Rays are said to have been king of a city in South Africa. For this reason it is known by its other name «Cetewayo», in honor of the origin of the town where it reigned.

Siete Rayos is an African deity that symbolizes thunder, lightning and the virtues of all men in the world, as well as their defects.

It has multiple paths whose names and characteristics vary in relation to each story of the deity to which they refer.

These are the 21 paths of Seven Rays:

  1. sambranu ensasi
  2. Sambranu Ensasi Paticongo.
  3. Kongo silage.
  4. Nunga Seven Door.
  5. Sambranu Ensasi Punta Talumba.
  6. Sambranu Ensasi Abracamundo.
  7. Entoto Nani.
  8. Dark night
  9. Sambranu Ensasi Patilembe.
  10. Ensasi Cave.
  11. Sambranu Ensasi Icing Candle.
  12. Sambranu Ensasi Spits Blood Maca Iron.
  13. Catikie Lumbembe.
  14. New world
  15. Sambranu Ensasi Malva Trunk.
  16. Sambranu Ensasi Pulls Pawn.
  17. Vira Mundo Ego La Finda.
  18. Premorning.
  19. Sambranu Ensasi Nanga Trunk.
  20. Munalongo.
  21. Sambranu Ensasi Firm Plant

Offerings dedicated to the deity Seven Rays

The offerings for Siete Rayos are characterized by a strong and spicy flavor, which indicates the virility and the desire for victories of the Mayombe warrior.

Mainly it offers you:

  • Herbs such as: planillo, guanaco mucus and red piglet and fruits like banana or vegetables like plantain are also common.
  • Animals are sacrificed to him such as roosters or hens, as well as quail eggs and eventually, goats are offered.
  • Like drinks alcoholic such as brandy, red wine or rum and their derivatives.
  • Likewise, it is customary to give it the famous palm leaf, as it comes from its main stick.

Relationship of Zarabanda and Siete Rayos

Zarabanda in palo mayombe is one of the main deities like Siete Rayos.

Zarabanda is the lord of iron, and is linked to Seven Rays in terms of protecting the devotees from enemies.

The legends of the Rule of Palo Monte tell that both deities are very strong and with a certain aggressive nuance.

However, both respect each other, since it is said that it was Siete Rayos who taught Zarabanda fire (It is Oggún in Santeria).

Thus, the devotees of both spiritual forces show respect and understanding.

Songs to worship Seven Rays

To the deity Seven Rays, certain songs are performed that constitute prayers to thank and praise him for his favors.

In addition, many reflect versions of legends associated with this deity. These songs take part of the Palero rituals:

Matari Nsasi, Matari Mukiana

the Matari monovelo wrap is

from the sky the stone which Nkita Nsasi falls

nsasi mura nsulu

fula inoka muinda

muna nsulu sucrila

kimfula inumantato Nsasi

Nsasi 'ta in heaven

Amen Seven Rays

Prayer to 7 rays, god of Palo Mayombe that helps us to win

We can also pray to Siete Rayos asking for protection against all kinds of danger.

When invoking him we can pray on the mountain, in front of a palm tree, but we can also choose a quiet place in the home and ask him with faith:

In the name of the ancestral God father of fire

Seven Rays Father of the flame, with the fire of life, illuminate my path.

With your ray, deliver me from all evil.

sitting on the mountainaña As the absolute king, I humbly cry out your name.

To win, give me strength when I am weakest.

Give me courage when I am scared and grant me your scepter that is your ray to defeat evil.

Seven Rays and its syncretism in Santeria

Who is 7 rays in the Yoruba religion?

As we can see from its characteristics and powers, Siete Rayos is the equivalent of the Orisha Shango in the Yoruba religion, lord of Thunder, Fire and Batá drums.

Shango in Santeria or the Rule of Osha It is the image of male virility, a protective deity who, according to history, was a very powerful warrior king.

  • Both figures syncretize in Catholicism with Santa Barbara.

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